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Choco PF Cushion

The Choco PF cushion is chocolate perfumed and ideal for all the chocoholics. Made from 100% Polyester, the cushion has been made in France and can be ordered online from here.

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Confluence Seating System by Philippe Nigro

The Confluence Seating System by Philippe Nigro takes the art of lounging to a whole new level. The sofa is different in the truest sense and one can also use it as a daybed don’t you think?

Via Fresh Home

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How to Make a Hidden Bookshelf Door!

Remember that one post long ago on how to make a hidden bookshelf door?  Well, here’s another cool DIY on how to do that better.

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Angel and Demon Pillow

Are you an angel or a complete devil? If you have a bit of both then you will love the Pop Pillows. Retailing for £13.99, the Angel and Demon Pillow can be ordered online from here.

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Hamburger Bed

The Hamburger Bed makes me want to run to Burger King now! The bed will be hit with the burger aficionados as it also comes with an oversized bun duvet, as well as tomato and pickle slice pillows!

Via Neatorama

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Tetris Wall Decal

We all have played Tetris at some point of our life. Now pay homage to the iconic game by getting the Tetris Wall Decal. These decals are very easy to apply and they won’t leave any marks on removal.

Each pack contains: 18 pieces, 3 of each color. Sizes: red pieces: 8x2cm (3,1×0,8 inches) blue pieces: 4x4cm (1,6×1,6 inches) violet, green, grey, yellow pieces: 6x4cm (2,4×1,6 inches)


Adjustable Bed with Storage

This Adjustable Bed with Storage is on sale here, so splurge before stock finishes. Made in Poland, the bed has a Chenille Finish in Red or Dark Brown and comes with two pillows. After discount, the price is $499.

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Make a Rug From Old Jeans

Don’t throw away your old jeans and make something useful out of them. Head over here to find out how you can make a rug out of the jeans.

Excerpt from post: “First I collected a lot of jeans, not hard since I have kids who keep wearing theirs out. Then cut off the legs to make three inch wide strips. I wanted rows of colors, but with little kids there just isn’t enough jean mater

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Atari Coat Hangers

Now here is something even we can try at home. Designer Felipe Morales has used old Atari (remember those?) joysticks and has turned them into coat hangers. Neat isn’t it? Via Coroflot

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DIY: Castle Playhouse Plans

Build you kid their own Castle Playhouse without burning a hole in the pocket. Just follow the instructions and download the plans from BuildEazy website. You need to visit this webpage for all the details.

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