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The Fu Lounge Chair

Shopaholics (like me) will dig this  innovative shopping cart chair. The Fu Lounge Chair was made in just one day as all the designer did was rebend and re-weld a shopping cart! Pure genius, don’t you agree?

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The Chair/Table

The Chair/table as the name suggests functions as a chair and a table. The chair, laid on its side, forms the table base, but then the top is removed, the chair becomes a separate piece of furniture. Made from English Oak and Birch Plywood, it measures L 100cm x W 60cm x H 45cm.

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The Z-Ball

The Z-Ball is an award-winning chair, ball designer  James Van Vossel. The inflatable ball comes equipped with 3 handles, that claim to provide solid back support. Its quite funky however I don’t think one should sit on them when they are a tad tipsy!

Via Design Addict

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The Maxtrix Princess Bed

The Maxtrix Princess Bed is what little girls dream off! This beautiful bed will surely transport young girls to a magical world and make them feel like royalty. The bed includes a slide, straight ladder, low loft leg extensions, bottom curtain, top tent and

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Beat Blinds

Beat Blinds calls out to the inner musician inside me. The wooden blinds can also moonlight as a xylophone! Designed by William Gurley, I think children in particular will love these blinds and its certainly is a better options than drums parents!

Via Yanko Design

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Military Toddler Bed

I am sure children will love the Military Toddler Bed which is available in two shades, green and pink. The bed has been hand crafted from laminated Baltic birch and other solid woods and measures s 29 x 53 inches. The entrance is 12 – 13 inches above the floor. You can order it from here for $300.

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The Woodstation

Sébastien Wallet, a designer at Inovaxion is the brain behind the uber cool Woodstation. This one is not just a simple alarm clock as it also shows information like sunny – partly cloudy – cloudy – rainy / snowy and stormy in its own inimitable style. Also when someone get’s close to the Wood Station®, a movement sensor will detect him or her and will automatically display the product’s screen through the wood to give you information.


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Private Cloud Bed

With the Private Cloud, you can virtually rock yourself to sleep. Now for the conservative sleeper, it may not be feasible considering you may have trouble finding the right stagnant position owing to its design.

But for the people who have trouble sleeping, it can be a great way to lull yourself to sleep. Similar to rocking a crib for babies to sleep, adults may find it as an oversized crib to get sleepy in a hurry.

The Private Cloud, designed by Manuel Kloker, is a patented rocking fram

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i-sleep Pillow

The i-sleep may just be my new best friend. Designed by Ivonne Dippmann, the i-sleep is a pillow that gets inflated once attached to a laptop. Not only that but when the pillow gets inflated, one also gets to hear some relaxing music.

Via Yanko Design

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Kissing Animals Sleeping Bag

The UK COMPANY Anorak has designed the Kissing Animals Sleeping Bag. The quirky collection can also be paired with similar styled  travel pillows, picnic rugs and outdoor cushions. You can order it online from here for £42.00.

Printed cotton front and back, hollow fibre filling, weight 26 oz. Machine washable 30º

Size open – 71 x 171 cm, rolled – 39 x 20 cm.

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