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Rozit Arditi’s Foldable Mat

Rozit Arditi is the brainchild behind the “Foldable Mat”. Simple yet nifty, Arditi’s creation can be used a floor mat to lounge around or to catch up with your beauty sleep. One can also stack them in a pile to make a seating system!

Foldable Mat

Specs: raw silk, upholstery foam, industrial felt, birch plywood, butchers wax

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Danger Bomb Clock

No it won’t explode but the Danger Bomb Clock seems to get the work done. The alarm clock is rather effective since the only way to diffuse it is to unplug the cord that matches the colored light. So are you up for playing fake bomb squader every morning?

Via Slash Gear


The Wollip-Bear

The Wollip-Bear seeks to be the perfect bed partner for those cold lonely nights.  According to designer Maja Ganszyniec , the bear is also an ideal alternative solution for people having problems falling sleep and are considered too old for sleeping with a teddy bear. Wollip moonlights as a pillow and a teddy bear and we here at Bedzine love it completely.

Via Yanko Design

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Flying Carpet Rocking Chair

Kids will love the Flying Carpet Rocking Chair as it seeks to replicate the magic of the Arabian Nights stories. Designed by Eero Aarnio for Magis, this Rocking Chair has a polyethylene base & polyamide carpet.

Size Rocking Chair: 47″L x 11″H x 40″W Size Carpet: 57″L x 40.5″W

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Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock Review

Gizmodo has reviewed the Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock and as expected this things works like a charm and is highly effective. Not only is it louder than a “hammer” but also has a bed shaker feature to ensure you get on time. The Bomb comes with a 110 volt power supply, also will work with an optional 220 volt transformer.

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Sony ICF-CD3i Alarm Clock

The Sony ICF-CD3i alarm dock is iPod friendly! But hey stranger things have had happened in the gadget world so Sony showing love to Apple isn’t that shocking. One can dock their iPod or iPhone and wake up by listening to their favourite tunes. The Sony ICF-CD3i also includes integrated CD player, line-in, and radio functions.

Via Mobile Mag

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Sleep in a Boeing 747

Travelers in Stockholm, Sweden will be able to sleep in the cockpit of a refurbished 1976 Boeing 747-200 at the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport in Sweden. Now this what I call sleeping in style!

“We are excited,” said airport spokeswoman Helena Miller. “We can now offer our travelers an unconventional accommodation experience. Jumbo Hostel will become a new Stockholm-Arlanda landmark.”


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My First Ready Bed by Fisher Price

My First Ready Bed by Fisher Price is pretty cute. The bed claims to be an ideal transition from travel cots and this portable inflatable bed is selling for £30.99.For rapid inflation and deflation a foot pump has been provided and it also comes with a carry bag.

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Windscreen Wiper Mirror

Sometimes the solutions are right under our noses. Check out the Windscreen Wiper Mirror, which basically cleans all your mirrors sans any chemical products. If a windshield wiper is good enough for your car then its good enough for your house. Now why didn’t I think about it this before Causas Externas Studio?

Via Yanko Design

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The Tantrum Alarm Clock

The Tantrum Alarm Clock basically throws mmm a tantrum when not listened to. Right before the selected wake up time, the clock’s feet and body starts glowing, and when the alarm sounds, it begins tapping its arms lightly.

However this is just the beginning and soon as the snooze sensor is touched by more than one minute, it launches into its full tantrum routine and turns off after an hour of unabated whining. Now who would like to mess with something like that?


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