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Woven Belted Hammock

With summers now in full swing, we thought the Woven Belted Hammock is ideal for some outdoors lounging around. The all-weather hammock is made from durable nylon fibers that are enhanced to resist rotting and allows air to circulate. So grab a drink and enjoy the sunshine.

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The Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge

The Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounge by Domila Equilibrio brings the contemporary designs of Latin America to outdoor wicker furniture. The Chaise exemplifies how good design can transcends geographical barriers and the woven wicker patterns are made of the highest quality weather resistant polymer resin.

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The Urban Balance Wave

With spring right around the corner we thought this is the perfect hammock/outdoor bed for one to lounge around. The Urban Balance Wave is made from materials such as epoxy-coated aluminum frames and all-weather wicker.

Feature: # Hardware: 2 Eyelags, 2 S-hooks, and 2-Chains.

Color Options: # Kiwi # Ocean # Mandarin

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The Eustachio Daybed

The Eustachio Daybed is perfect for those lazy summers. Designed by EMU, the daybed’s unique design makes i

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Kitando Collection

The Kitando collection of outdoors sofas from Exteta is perfect to lounge around this summer. The Italian company has only used Red Cedar and the sofa is a testament to the celebrated Italian craftsmanship.

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Sunbeds Can Lead to Cancer

Here is a piece of advice to people who love to get a tan using sunbeds. Stop the usual practice! Well for one thing, we all know nothing beats the real deal of getting natural tan from the beaches or by the pool the standard way. Some people like to improvise and such is done on sunbeds which are now said to be dangerous and may eventually lead to

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Enjoy the Flat Beds of a Super First Class Flight

It seems that first class accommodation for frequent travelers is still not done as Jet Airways have now offered a super first class suite for executives who have to go through the long trips for business. Apparently, sleep is one concern they have to deal with and with the proper accom

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60,000 Worth of Beds Donated to Handicapped Kids

Just to give you an idea how much beds are needed these days, just look at how Beds 4 Kids owner Leonard Hilldale made the generous contribution of 60,000 worth of beds to the Handicapped Children Association, Souther Tier AIDS program. Apparently there are a lot of unfortunate children

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The Mobile Nappak You Can Sleep On

One thing that we cannot avoid is having to attend to various activities such as our business or profession and most of the time, we find ourselves looking for our bed which does not always follow. We spend more time in the office or somewhere necessary for us to go about our business but with the Nappak, this will no longer be a problem for anyone.

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Sleep Boxes Stress Beds for the Homeless

As far as trying to wake up the government is concerned, it took a couple of students from Goshen College to help get the attention of local officials and the news as well to drive the homelessness awareness in the area. To stress their points, they used in lieu of the standard beds, cardboard boxes to make sure that what they are fightin

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