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Budget Beds in Demand

We are all looking for ways to cut down on cost. But while this may sound to be a constraint up for consideration, it remains that even bed buying has joined the bandwagon when it comes to looking for budget beds to purchase these days.

When we say budget beds, we are not limiting ourselves to buying one for our own homes. We are also looking for the best accommo

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The Decking Chair

Harris Architects and Designers are English architects registered in Spain with a contemporary design studio in Palma de Mallorca. They are also the brain behind the unique Decking Chair. The chair is dismantable and on display at their design studio.

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Camping Cot

Normally at given breaks and vacations, families would want to go out and explore the wildlife. Now when you are going out, camping is sure to be one of the possible agendas. But while you are sure to have your camping gear with you, it would be wise to consider this camping cot to ensure that you have something to lie on.

Key Specifications/Special Feat

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Air China Joins Beds on a Plane Phenomena

Don’t look now, but Air China has joined the ranks of airlines taking note of the need in providing quality sleep while traveling. Air China is the latest airlines that have adopted the flat bed scheme and surely most travelers will be elated at this new offering for frequent flyers today.

Apparently these new

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Bigger Landscaping Ideas

While most home owners are pretty much concerned of what to design and what to put inside their homes, there are also others who are quite particular of what the outer portion has to offer. Gardens and landscapes are pretty much where visitors will see initially before getting in homes and making an impression is everything for people who w

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Sling by Inghua Ting

Who needs a stuffy bed when you can lounge around in a hammock? Check out the Sling by Inghua Ting which is handmade from end-of-the line seat belt webbing. Sling is durable, weather-resi

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Portable Overnight Beds

For people on the go, it would only be normal to eventually resort to considering packing along portable beds to be assured that they don’t end up finding a good place to rest and sleep in. Sure there will always be the normal hotels and hostels, but then again, that would be costly and the beds may not be all that convenient to lie in. You never know who slept there.

Aside from the

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Executive Hammock

 Want something extra special this Christmas? We suggest, a hammock.Crammed into a compact package, it’s ideal for slipping into your briefcase or storing in a desk drawer. It then unravels into a full-size, highly comfortable hammock.

Admit it, you work too hard. You deserve a break from the stress of high-powered meetings and conferences. And the benefits of ‘power-napping’ have been proven. For the re

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Portable Cafe By Adam Kalkin

Ever dream of living in a coffee bar? Then check out this portable café by designer Adam Kalkin for Illy! Made from old shipping container, the café is portable and comes with a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and a library. Just brilliant!


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Wood-Slat Double Lounger

Those shopping for outdoors furniture should check out the

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