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Glow-in-the-Dark Bed Canopy

Mombasa Bedding, Glow in the Dark Canopy

It is not just children who get fascinated with Glow-in-the-Dark products, as sometimes us adults want something whimsical and quirky. The Glow-in-the-Dark canopy is perfect for both children and fun adults and will surely make your boring bed a tad more interesting. The Glow-in-the-Dark bed canopy from Mombasa features glow-in-the-dark stars on a canopy of white for a surreal and sublime effect. The canopy measure

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The CIRKUSTÄLT Is A Children Bedroom Tent From IKEA

ikea children bedroom tent

IKEA recently updated their online store with a slew of new products and there is something for everyone. If you have hyper-active children running around and want them to use their energies on more creative pursuits then get them the CIRKUSTÄLT. The CIRKUSTÄLT is a colorful play tent which will keep the little tykes occupies for hours. The tent creates a  sheltered spot, a room in the room and is ava

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The Colva Canopy Bed

Zuo Modern Colva Canopy Bed Black

Enjoy the great outdoors without getting sun burnt by  investing in something like the Colva Canopy Bed. This beautiful and stylish bed/outdoor lounger will help you soak up the sun without causing havoc with your skin since it has a cool shade cover. Measuring 2 – 59″ H x 45.5 – 53″ W x 41.5″ D, the bed’s weave is UV treated and it also features a reinforced interior aluminum tube frame.

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Fantasy Palace 4-Poster Bed Canopy


There is nothing more romantic than a canopy bed as it brings an old world charm to the bedroom. In case you want to try something different then get the Fantasy Palace 4-Poster Bed Canopy from

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FABLER is a cute and whimsical bed canopy designed by the folks over at IKEA. Selling for $19.99, the canopy is ideal for children bedrooms. The canopy creates a room-in-room feeling due to its sheer fabric  which has a  great light trans

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Enignum Canopy Bed

Enignum Canopy Bed

Designer Joseph Walsh believes that his Enignum Canopy Bed can offer blissful sleep. This is a bed that mixes luxury and style, something he created through his passion and imagination.

The Enign

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PAK Wardrobe From IKEA


PAX is a stunning new Wardrobe system from IKEA. The unit is available in a number of finishes and my personal favorite is the white and black combination. It features sliding doors and adjustable feet which compensates for irregularities in the floor. You can order it from the IKEA website

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Spiderman Deluxe Canopy


Here is a great deluxe canopy to give your child some fun time with Spiderman. Designed accordingly with the web slinger, this Spiderman Deluxe Canopy is the perfect addition for playtime for kids, both indoors and outdoors. It is portable hence making it something you can bring wherever you go. It comes with Playhut’s patented EZ Twist technology set up for easier assembly.

Sleep just like your friendly neighborhood superhero! This Spider-Man Deluxe Canopy is equipped with a Spider-Man graphics sleeping environment.

Price: $99.99

This is not affiliated wi

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InStyle Home Collection Canopie


InStyle offers a great addition to many bedrooms as far as style and protection is concerned. A great addition for people who want to make sure that they are fully protected from mosquitoes that may infect or carry diseases, this is a good way to protect your sensitive skin and your children from contracting such a disease.

The InStyle Home Collection Canopie is made of 100% polyester carrying a feminine touch suitable for any female themed bedding ensemble. It comes in solid pink, lavender and white color and is made from China.

Great accessory to so many girls̵

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The Modern Cleo Daybed


The Modern Cleo Daybed offers both functionality and style. Cleo offers full customization and hence one doesn’t need to fret about it clashing it with  other furniture pieces. Materials: hardwood frame, highest quality foam and fill, down fill available, steel or wood legs Options/Finishes: Various configurations – various fabrics – various legs

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