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Kitando Collection

The Kitando collection of outdoors sofas from Exteta is perfect to lounge around this summer. The Italian company has only used Red Cedar and the sofa is a testament to the celebrated Italian craftsmanship.

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The N116 BED WITH CANOPY is exquisite and has a decadent quality to it. The bed comes equipped with a Padded headboard available with removable covers and the canopy is decorated with forged iron structure and sanded wooden columns.

product id      VEN004 colour     On request materials     Wood & iron size     H: 2290mm x W: 2040mm x D: 2440mm canopy     Forged iron structure mattress 160 x 200     No

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Sandy Canopy Bed

Here is something simple yet elegant if you look at it. The Sandy Canopy Bed is a perfectly styled luxury bedding that people can consider for their own or for the other rooms where kids or relatives may be staying at.

A striking feature of this bed is the ideal black finish that offers a detailed h

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IKEA Fabler Bed Canopy

Fabler is a bed-canopy from IKEA, which will add a magical element to your kids bedroom. The bed canopy also gives privacy and creates a room-in-room feeling. Made from sheer fabric, the Fabler bed canopy transmits light to create a mo

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The Brownstone Queen Canopy Bed

The Brownstone Queen Canopy Bed is a queen size bed (duh!) and features a canopy for added elegance. The bed measures  88 inches high x 63.5 inches wide x 91.5 inches long and is selling for $499.99 at the Overstock website.

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BeHive from EXTREMIS

We all can learn something from the hard-working Bee and relax I am not going to break into an anthropology lesson. All I am going to do is talk about the BeHive from EXTREMIS which pays homage to a beehive. Providing superior seating and leaning comfort for up to 12 peop

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Tropical Canopy Bed

We all see oriental styles of bedding in the movies but they are all really available in the market today. Normally they are restricted towards the Asian way of living but the impact that their unique concept and design has on the market today is totally overwhelming. The Tropical Canopy bed is made from mahogany wood and employs a ru

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Sono Sofa From Indonesia

The Sono Sofa is a beautifully woven sofa that will fit into any room of your home. Made of class fabrics and materials, anyone will surely love its overall make and its neutral design makes it all the more suitable for any place in your home.

Price: $2,400.00


Beautiful Woven Sofa. Special Order with more fabric color choices.


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Prado Canopy Bed

Bed lovers would be glad to know that classical and stylish finishes are available anywhere today similar to what Amanda Sutton Designs cater to. The Prado Canopy bed promises to be the masterpiece of making beds the center of attraction in most

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Standard Diana Canopy Bed

Parents only want the best for their child and treating them with royalty in the form of canopy beds such as the Standard Diana Canopy bed may be a good way to make them look forward to restful and relaxing slumber. Making the room as comfy as possible with the ambiance and decorations tha

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