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The Levity Chaise

Most of us want to achieve Nirvana, but balk at the thought actually sitting down meditating. The Levity Chaise may help you in your spiritual quest, as it gives an illusion of levitation and is extremely ergonomically designed. Made of 2mm thick birch plywood and 12mm thick birch, the chaise is not bulky and is quite sturdy, given it has 20 supporting legs.

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The Sunflower Chair

Most of us do our reading on the Kindle or the iPad or some other digital device. However, nothing can ever replace books and there is something timeless about a library or a shelf strewn with one’s favorite reads. The Sunflower Chair embraces this philosophy and is a chaise that comes with a shelf. The lounger has one of the most innovative designs we have ever seen and the round shape makes it quite quirky and stylish.

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The Havana 2 Corner Chair

CB2 has updated their Havana collection and incorporated customer feedback. The end result, the thoughtfully designed Havana 2 Corner Chair, which amalgamates form and function beautifully. The updated version includes a more durable hand-painted finish and 100% spun polyester cushions that resist fading. Made of sustainable, FSC-certified solid eucalyptus wood, the chair has built-in bi-level shelves and complements perfectly the hideout/ha

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The Casual Chair By Robert Bronwasser

The Casual Chair instantly drew my attention thanks to its mmm casual styling, which is hip and young. Thanks to its trendy design, the chair will appeal to a demographic of twenties and early thirties, who prefer minimalism  with just a hint of flamboyanc

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Blandito Transformable Pad

Blandito still needs to hit mass production, but these days with options like Kickstarter, it is easier than before. The  multifunctional pad truly takes the art of multi-tasking to a new level and is the perfect example of multi-functional furniture. Called the “transformable pad for lazy living”, it moonlights as a  rug, armchair, bean-bag or sleeping bag and since it can can assume a lot of shapes, the

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Bensington Leather Tufted Ottoman

Zin Home has some great furniture pieces and the Bensington Leather Tufted Ottoman instantly caught our eye. The beautiful ottoman is upholstered  in supple leather with hand hammered brass nails and features a stunning hand-carved solid weathered ash frame. Upholstered with Valencia Dark Brown supple leather, and hand-tufted, the ottoman has been made using kiln-dried hardwood. Measuring 59W x 39D x 17H,

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Amalia Wicker Seat By Studio Eggpicnic

You can never go wrong with wicker furniture when it comes to doing up your patio or pool area. However, the Amalia By Studio Eggpicnic is so stylish, that it will look great indoors as well. Made from mimer (wicker) in the Chilean city of Chimbarongo , the seating unit boasts of premium craftsmanship and the new mimbre construction seeks to bring the age-old material to modern times. The Amalia seating unit

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The Sun Lounger Chaise

No summer fun is complete without lounging around in a comfortable chaise and sipping your favorite drink. If you are in the marker of a lounger, then do have a look at the Sun Lounger Chaise. Available in a bright green shade, it is upholstered in a n breathable textilene and is made in China. Its head and foot can adjust to five positions and can easily fold up as well. The Sun Lounger Chaise is available online from the

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The Hosu Chair By Patricia Urquiola

In the designspehere, Patricia Urquiola doesn’t need any introduction. The iconic designer is in news again with her new chaise/longue design. The Hosu, which has been designed for Coalesse, is available as a single chair and comes with a convertible cushion that folds out to prop rest your feet. Or you can order it in a fixed chair incarnation. The idea behind Hosu is to create a space that is personal and comfortable

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The Lamb Critter Chair

The Lamb Critter Chair is one of the cutest children chair out there and forget kids, even I want to sit on it! Retailing on the Pottery Barn website, this adorable little chair will fascinate your child and enthrall him/her every time they decide to use it. The cuddly soft chair is shaped like a big stuffed animal and measures 2

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