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Vintage Solid Blue Parlor Table

The Parlor, Bedroom, or Sitting table by Etsy user vintage2mod is a beautiful mesh of the old and new. To achieve a more modern look, a vintage soli

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Kartell Ghost Buster Acrylic Table

Whenever someone says Ghostbusters, I am instantly reminded of the cheesy horror eighties movie of the same name. However the Ghost Buster is not associated with Hollywood in any way and is a nightstand or a bedside table by Philippe Starck & Eugeni Quitllet. Created by Kartell, the table  features a square cube on four legs and is available in translucent colored or matte versions made of plastic. You can purch

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Hues Nesting Tables

Here is something new to have in your home. They carry the familiar patterns of a Venn Diagram, designed with legs and a support frame in painted steel. It comes with water-cut low iron glass tops which are sandblasted and colored.

Now before you get all out and excited, it looks like this table is just a concept. There is no word on pricing and availability for now.


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“Please Don’t Sit” Tables

It may look like a chair with a glass top but this is actually a side table. With a deceiving metal chair frame that acts as its sturdy foundation, the table comes with a backrest that has an etched sign of “Please Don’t Sit” which should more or less warn people if ever they do plan to sit on it.

Designed by Andrea Magnani and Giovanni Delvecchio, the table comes with a delicate glass table and can be purchased for $680 over at the Italian design firm Resign.


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Whirling Web Tables

Whirling Web Tables

These tables should be suitable for Spiderman or his minions. Called the Un-Deux-Trois Table, this table features a familiar spider web-like design in the form of strings. The edges of the table form a strong frame within which exists a spiraling, twirling magnificent string form.

The web-like string designs really don’t have any bearing. They are just there for design. The table still lies sanely like any other ordinary one and unless you are among the unique people with a taste for art, thi

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The Quasi Console Table

If you are among the people who are looking for unique furniture, the Quasi Console is definitely for you. It is made of diamond-shaped pieces fixed together to form a unique pattern. It measures 36x20x6 inches and is actually an exclusive creation.

There is currently only one Quasi Console available for sale from Johnson Trading Gallery, New York, USA so if you want it, you better act fast!


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The Platinum Table

Retro-tech unveils another table solution, this time a Platinum table or computer table. This computer table has a 22” LCD monitor, an Intel Dual Core processor and a wireless Logitech touch pad. You can use the Platinum table to browse the web or perhaps connect to your TV set to enjoy some audio or visual content. The Platinum Table will cost you about $4,850.00.


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Nesting Tables Review!

Nesting tables can be a great add-on for your stylish home whether you are trying to save some space or add some unique look to the livingroom.

Here’s a couple suggestions for nesting tables on the market today:

This is my favorite as I have a perfect black platform bed to go along with it, try these Blocky Nesting Tables perfect for a stylish modern look.


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