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The Ola Bench

The Ola Bench

Here is another one of those artistically created benches, the Ola Bench which should get you thinking. The bench was said to be inspired by maritime and industrial history, perhaps explaining why the bench was molded in an odd wave-like form.

The bench intends to look like a body of water flowing over a bridge, symbolizing harmony of man-made and natural elements.

The Ola Bench was created using powder-coated steel and recycled cast aluminum, perfect for outdoor setups while at the sam

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Sectional Fashion D’ Autore Chair

sectional-modular-recliner-armchair-from-futura-1-thumb-630x445-27095 Sectional Fashion D’Autore Chair

The Fashion D’ Autore Chair is a comfy, soft and inviting sofa which should really tempt you to slow down relax, and well, maybe eventually sleep.

Coming from Futura, the sectional and convertible sofa comes in a strikingly designed finish which offers multiple functionalities which all boil down to relaxation and rest in the end.

Among the possible uses of the modular chair include that of a pouf ottoman, lounger or a day bed,

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Continuous Mesh Wire Chairs


The frames and look of these wire chairs obviously point to something you may see used in the outdoors. However a look closer would eventually show you that they designs are far different, continuous is you may.

Designed for Wilde + Spieth, the chairs were created without the need for screws nor soldering. The chairs are sturdy and can be easily stacked if they are not being used, addressing storage problems which could eventually crop out.

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Air-filled Bubble Stools

Bubble Stools

You have seen air mattresses and air cushions so why not air-filled stools?

The Bubble Stools make use of air to deliver the needed aid for folks looking at sensible seating or cuddling in the home or office, clad in knitted wool covers which should make them ideal for relaxing or bumming around.

Alain Berteau designed the stools for Objekten, each measuring about 17.7” (cubed) and weighing just about 4.4 lbs.

The main materials used for the Bubble Stool were polyester. When

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Spectacular Dream Chair

Spectacular Dream Chair

Another sculptural piece comes in the Dream Chair from Japanese architect Tadao Ondo. The chair does come upholstered although it looks like the chair should fare barely well as well without it.

The curves and mold of the chair is of course the eye-catcher for this chair, said to be a tribute to mid –century Danish master Hans J. Wegner.

The comfy chair is made from three dimensional plywood and is curved along two axles. The chair is

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The Modi Modular Sofa

Modi Modular Sofa

Myyour and Moredesign offers another piece you can consider for your home with the Modi Modular sofa. With the use of basic elements, the sofas allow potential owners to stack or arrange them in any way as they please.

The sofa is made up of different modules such as a bench seat on a wood frame, an armrest and backrest combination, a corner seat unit and a glass top

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The Sunburst Table

Sunburst Table

Here is a lively table you can put in your home, the Sunburst Table in the Versace Home Collection.

The table boasts of a metal base that is framed around a basic tripod structure and further enhanced with the addition of other metal legs made up of different lengths.

As for the top, you can choose a colored round top glass table to cap it all off, something which may eventually depend on the metal base color where you can choose from a variety of colors.

The Sunburst table is ava

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The Din Desk comes with Shelves

The Din Desk comes with Shelves

In what should be a neat solution for folks looking at furnishings that can do more than just serve assistance and storage, the Din Desk should be a neat piece that offers features of each.

Designed by Gompf and Kehrer, the Din Desk renders an architectural perspective that should be easy to use and integrate in any type of home setting. It boasts of a modern look and would be an ideal fit for homes or even offices too.

The grid-like design of the shelves offe

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The Armchair Ruche

The Armchair Ruche

The Armchair Ruche is an uncanny piece you can place in your home. At first glance, it is obvious that the first thing you would notice would be the uneven arms on the chair, one shorter than the other.

While the chair should gain the interest of some folks, the chair does look a bit funky in a sense especially for the people who are into odd and mysteriously designed stuff.

The chair is available in varying fabrics and colors. This incl

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The Zooom Expandable Work Table

The Zooom Expandable Work Table

Here is a table which should be nifty for folks who want to go in between adjustable and small working tables. Well in this case, an expandable table should address your rants and wants.

Paired with a technopolymer chair called ‘lizz’, the Zooom expandable work table should truly be something complimenting for the folks who want productivity without the worries of ample working space.

The table should be neat for home or office use, giving you the

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