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Huntley Headboard

Your home, and particularly your bedroom, should be a space of freedom and refuge for you.  You should love to walk in, look around, and relax.  You should love to invite friends over or spend evenings with your family.  You should love going to sleep each night, and being greeted by beauty when you wake up.  And if you don’t?  Don’t worry!  You can easily fix a dull décor or a stale look.  It is especially easy in the bedroom.  Why not start with one of the extraordinary woo

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BeautyRest Classic Stone Mills Mattress

Why are so many people trading their old mattresses for memory foam?  These revolutionary mattresses are not only comfortable, they are effective sleep aids!  In a traditional bed, you may spend half your night tossing and trying to get comfortable; you may wake up with aches and pains; and you may have a love/hate relationship with bedtime.  With a memory foam mattress, however, your body will b

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Summertime Bedroom Set

Why can’t it be summertime all year round?  When you have the fresh Summertime Bedroom Set from South Shore Furniture, you can enjoy the sunshine and warm breezes all year round – if only in your bedroom.  The beautiful Summertime Set is ideal for children with its durable wooden construction and Shaker-style design.  This is a very versatile, adaptable style that will tran

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Monterey Tall Storage Platform Bed

Why are modern platform beds such a tremendous value for consumers?  Why choose these over more ornate frames?  If you have ever bought a very showy bed before that fits just perfectly in with your décor, you know that changing that décor can now be very difficult because your focal point is married to that look.  Platforms are an ideal answer because they are typically very

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BeautyRest Black River Bay Pillow Top

The fastest growing segment of the mattress industry is the luxury memory foam mattress.  Why?  Because people are tired (literally) of getting poor quality sleep night after night.  A traditional mattress does not yield to your body’s needs; it treats it just like it treats anyone else.  This means that you don’t get the individualized comfort you want.  Memory foam can do this for you

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Aynsley Bed with Frame

If you think that luxury and elegance must also be expensive, you are in for an exquisite treat!  Today’s top modern metal beds can offer the refinement you want at a price you can afford – what could be better?  When choosing your metal bed, look for quality and style, as well as price.  You can find pieces that have extraordinary lines, delicate curves and arches, and wonderful detailing.  When you choose we

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Tiburon Bentwood Platform Bed

Modern platform beds are one of the oldest bedding styles in the world, and yet, they have always managed to retain a look of contemporary style and effortless elegance. What makes these different from other beds is the lack of a box spring.  This instantly makes platforms much more lean and low-profile.  Their sleek design can help you create any look, from Asian-inspired tranquility to c

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Miko Daybed with Trundle

When you hear, “daybed,” do you instantly flash back a generation ago and see a fussy little couch bed overstuffed with pillows, blankets, and accessories?  It was common for wood and metal daybeds to be used in living rooms or guest bedrooms, but it was equally common for them to be lacking in fresh, exciting style.  No more!  Fortunately, our choices are much more varied – and stylish! – than they were even a decade ago. 

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Jacqueline Bed

Does it have to be difficult to create an elegant and refined bedroom décor?  How do you choose the right furnishings, the right accessories?  How do you do this affordably?  It can be done, and it can be done easily when you choose the right centerpiece.  A beautiful bed can make all the difference.  Today’s best modern metal beds can help you create the serene retreat – it is amazing the change th

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BeautyRest Rose Hill

Do you get your beauty rest?  Or do you spend eight hours tossing and turning, waking up feeling decidedly unbeautiful?  If you are like millions sleeping on an old or traditional discount mattresses, you know that it can keep you from getting the full benefit from your sleep because the design pushes and prods your body into the position it determines, instead of letting your body lie na

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