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JLo in Bed


Well, since I have treated the ladies (and guys) with Brad Pitt in bed; it is only fair to have have another one to the dudes! Jen always gets it right; red carpet shows, TRL, premiere, and oh man, look at this one in bed. Don’t we all just want to be in the bed with her? Alright, Mark Anthony is with her all the time, so, good luck with that one. In the meantime, just get a poster and go crazy.

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For You Ladies! Brad Pitt on the Bed


Well, for all you ladies out there, thought I’d give u a treat with this post; Brad Pitt in bed.

Full frontal & full posterior view!!!!!

Sorry, not naked, not even topless, that will have to be left to your imagination. Run, baby run, let your imagination run wild like an unbridled horse!

Oh by the way, guys too, feast your eyes. 😉

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Freaking Good Ad! on A Bed


This is gotta be one of the best ads I have seen in year! What’s the next best thing to do in bed? Play the Nintendo game boy!!!! Such a genius idea! By the way, take a look at her, doesn’t she look like Kathy Holmes?

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Rocker Bedsheet anyone?

A rocker bedsheet is on auction at e-bay. White normal unwashed bedsheet of a star with the smell still lingering on it.

According to Jeff Schmidt blog , the dude has the top 3 most viewed music videos on YouTube!!! . Any die hard fans out there may find it usefull for schizophrenia :-).

Can you guess the star ?

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SpongeBob Squarepants Bed Set


Are you a cartoon addict? This bedding set is great for your kiddies. Adults please proceed to the next room please as SpongeBob is pretty irritatin . I am sure your kids and teenages will love the huge Spongebob face on the pillow and bedding sheets to wake them up. A bit scary for me I think. Available from SpongeBob Squarepants at

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Stock BED

This stock bed is kinda scary… But you can actually order these if you are into this kinda stuff. (It’d be great for amusement parks and Halloween though…)

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