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The VINSTRA Bedside Table from IKEA

The VINSTRA Bedside Table is available from IKEA in pristine white. The bedside table can be used freestanding in a room and comes equipped with casters for flexible placing. Designed by Magnus Elebäck the table has been made of ABS plastic and Particleboard.

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IKEA Fabler Bed Canopy

Fabler is a bed-canopy from IKEA, which will add a magical element to your kids bedroom. The bed canopy also gives privacy and creates a room-in-room feeling. Made from sheer fabric, the Fabler bed canopy transmits light to create a mo

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The RAMBERG Bed Frame is selling at IKEA’s for $129.00. The HAMAR midbeam keeps your mattress in place and secures the cross-braces. It is included in the price, but is packaged separately. According to IKEA all their bed st

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ENJE Roller blind


This is a cool stuff for your bed room if you plan to set up a projector in your room, just for entertainment purposes. It’s ENJE roller blind from IKEA. It can be mounted on the ceiling and it has a continuous side control makes it easy to pull the blind up and down to the desired position. The fabric filters the light and reduces reflections on TV and monitor screens. So it won’t hurt your eyes and skin so much.


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SIGNE Rug Multicolor


Here we have the cute SIGNE multicolor rug. Comes in various designs, you can choose the most suitable rug for your bed room step. Have a hard time on choosing? Just get them all. It’s hand woven from 100% cotton so the rug is soft and comfortable for your feet. Further more it absorbs dust and dirt from your foot to prevent too many of it to enter your bedroom. Get it from IKEA only for $2.90.



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LENDA Curtain with tie-back


At only $39.30, you can get the LENDA series curtain with tie back from IKEA. The curtain has a dull and soft color, which is perfect for your bed room to look calm and peaceful. As the chambray is woven with white and colored threads. which gives a soft-colored fabric of mixed shades. The fabric material is made from yarn-dyed cotton and the colors are retained wash after wash.



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HEMNES Bedside table


This is the HEMNES bedside table from IKEA. Following the footsteps of all the others HAMNES series furniture, it has a promising sturdy black finish. With its solid wood, a hardwearing natural material, it’s made to last for the years to come. The main parts are made from solid pine, stain and clear acrylic lacquer. While the back is made from printed fiberboard.



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FEJKA Artificial plant in pot


Is your bedroom too plain? Too dull? You’re looking for something to decorate it? Something natural? The FEJKA Artificial plan is the thing that you definitely need. Everything including the vast was made from plastics. Although it’s only a semi pot of plant decoration, it looks as though as it was real. With it’s greenish features, it’ll light up the whole room with a natural feeling.



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The ALVINE BAND comes in King, Queen and Twin sizes. With a strip design, this bed linen has a different color for every strip. The colors for this bed linen are bright. From the information given, this bed linen is densely woven from fine yarn to guarantee a better quality and durability. So that it can last for the years to come. It is also soft and comfortable as the fabric is made from 100% cotton. Overall it’s a good bed linen to have.


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INDIRA Bedspread


Here we have the INDIRA Bedspread from IKEA. It has a plain and simple finish without any complicated patterns on it. It’s good if you don’t wan any pattern to spoil the theme of your bedroom. The Bedspread comes in various colors from dark blue to light pink. Most of the colors are dark so that it won’t give you a bright look while sleeping. Made by hand looming it manually, it gives the bedspread’s fabric a soft feeling.


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