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The Aria Bed: Music for Your Dreams

A beautiful bedroom is important for your aesthetic sensibilities, but it can also help you relax, unwind, and get into the mood for deep, restful sleep.  The Aria Bed is the perfect focal point for any elegant, refined bedroom with its graceful lines and peaceful air.  The Aria has a sturdy heavy gauge, welded construction whose remarkable durability is softened by a lovely Brown Rust finish.  The Aria featu

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Aynsley Bed with Frame

If you think that luxury and elegance must also be expensive, you are in for an exquisite treat!  Today’s top modern metal beds can offer the refinement you want at a price you can afford – what could be better?  When choosing your metal bed, look for quality and style, as well as price.  You can find pieces that have extraordinary lines, delicate curves and arches, and wonderful detailing.  When you choose we

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Jacqueline Bed

Does it have to be difficult to create an elegant and refined bedroom décor?  How do you choose the right furnishings, the right accessories?  How do you do this affordably?  It can be done, and it can be done easily when you choose the right centerpiece.  A beautiful bed can make all the difference.  Today’s best modern metal beds can help you create the serene retreat – it is amazing the change th

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Silverlake Bed

On occasion you may find that the smallest things offer the best rewards.  Headboards that are not full of intricate designs or ornate extras may speak to you more than other more opulent choices.  Instead, you will find that certain discount modern metal beds highlight your room in a way you never thought possible with their contemporary headboards.  All you have to do is find the right colors and decide upo

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Kyoto Platform Bed – Fashion Bed Group

If you’re a minimalist in your home decorating style, take a look at the Kyoto Platform Bed. This is one of the most stylish and modern platform beds around. If you’re very particular about how your bedroom should look, this is the bed for you. The clean lines make it a soothing presence in the bedroom. Free of excess ornamentation, this style of oriental platform beds is for the calming, zen life style. You can buil

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Gimbal Bed

A great bed doesn’t have to be elaborate or ornate; it doesn’t have to be big and imposing. Often the most beautiful beds are those that have a simple elegance, those that allow us to show off our own style instead of having our decors dominated by one piece of bedroom furniture. Modern Metal Beds can be especially well-suited for this because they can offer a very dramatic effect without being overpowering. Wit

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Imperial Bed

Don’t we all want to be the person who is in charge of our own little world? To be the Queen or King of your world is something that would seem very rewarding indeed, as it allows you to be in control of your life. When you’re the Queen or King, you feel as though you know what is going on (the majority of the time, anyway) and you’re happy with the direction that your life is going. A good Queen or King deserves not only to be happy and comfortable in their home, but to have bedroom fur

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Hillsdale Imperial Bed

Your room design and bedroom furniture should make you give a sigh of appreciation each time you enter the space for the beauty and the comfort it offers. The most integral element to creating that feeling is the Modern Metal Bed that you choose. They come in many styles, many colors, and many price ranges, but choosing the right one can make for nights filled with fascination, comfort and peace.


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Langley Bed with Frame

When life has been cruel or the day has simply been too long, it is a Traditional Metal Bed that we look to for comfort. A nice frame with cozy bedding can provide us not only a place to lay our weary head, but a picture of tranquility, and the hope for an easy transition into the day ahead.

There is a quiet, simple elegance to the Langley Be

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Hillsdale Colonade Bed

Wrought iron headboards offer versatility unmatched by other materials. Available in highly styled, delicate designs, or those with straight sharp geometrics most closely associated with contemporary tastes, Metal Iron Beds are beautiful additions to any bedroom, and are made to match every taste. When you want strength and stability in a delicate frame, wrought iron is the way to go.

An excellent example of this

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