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Handmade King Size Metal Bed on Etsy!


If you are looking for something more traditional and handmade, here’s a great wronght-iron bed in King Size offered at $4,500 on etsy.

This Wrought Iron King Size Bed fit for a King and Queen, was another art piece designed to showcase our talents and abilities in the medium of metal. With details galore, from the hand forged scroll work, to the organic inspired trim, to the the “wet black” powdercoated finish; you will find your self in a trance

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Holland Bed

Fall asleep in the lap of beauty and luxury with the stunning Holland Bed by Hillsdale Furniture. The gorgeous iron bed headboard is absolutely flawless and polished to perfection. A classy nickel finish adds a bit of flair, and the delicately designed iron bars are truly exquisite. Iron beds can sometimes look stale and cold, but the Holland Bed is extremely warm and regal.

You can easily accent the

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Laurel Bed

Most single people typically opt for a full size mattress and many couples choose king size beds, but in reality Queen Size Beds would be perfect for either group. They are a large enough size that if there are two people sleeping they do not bump into each other, but also small enough that one person does not feel overwhelmed by all the emptiness in the bed. Plus, the mattress does not take up much more room than a

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Funky Hot Bed!


Looking for that funky, hot bed that will resonate sexiness into your bedroom?  Look no further as this Funky Hot Bed does exactly that with its stainless steel frame and funky stained-glass.

This very unique and funky bed is hand crafted with a stainless steel frame and thick slabs of stained glass. A king or queen model can be produced and the headrest height is optional–3 horizontal rows, 4 horizontal rows or 6 horizontal rows.

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Danville Bed

The use of the boring old wooden headboards has really gone by the wayside in favor of attractive gothic-inspired Wrought Iron Beds. They really bring an elegance of design that other types of beds do not allow for. Although you may be hesitant to try something new, you will not be disappointed with this great look. It can really transform a room just by changing the type of headboard that you have.


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Salem Bed

A lot of people have always thought that the story of Salem, Massachusetts is a very sad tale, and they’re mostly right. Tons of people accused of being witches and whose lives were cut short, but now the town has sort of a bad rap. For forever the town will be known as the place where unnecessary murders happened. The town, however, deserves better than that. Anyone who has ever been to Salem will remember it not just for the town’s grisly history, but for the beautiful architecture and ambianc

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Bel Air Bed

For those who always dreamed of having luxurious, stately, elegant bedrooms, Metal Beds are the perfect way to enhance the beauty of any room and transform it into the picture you have had in mind. From the most opulent scrollwork to the most spare, clean lines, you can create a variety of intriguing looks with ease. The beauty of metal is that there is a level of intricacy and detail that is hard to achieve wi

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Neumann Bed

Romantic bedrooms never go out of fashion. It is a warm and welcoming style that makes easy work of unwinding after a long day. Contentment and comfort are the key elements of a romantic bedroom. An Organic Mattress will make the bed comfortable, but scrolled headboards, soft bedding and soothing colors make the room comfortable. A romantic bedroom needs only a few subtle touches to create that dreamy feeling. I

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Click 4 Beds Appears on 60 Minute Makeover

If you watch ITV1’s 60 Minute Makeover, you might have noticed Click 4 Beds was mentioned as one of the show’s suppliers in the new series. On Thursday 10th September, Click 4 Beds appeared on the show after donating a super king size bed for the Bromley, Kent episode of the new series.

Click 4 Beds gave 60 Minute Makeover the OBC Marseille Metal Bed Frame for the main bedroom. The OBC Marseille is a ivory metal

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Joseph Coto Discontinued

Whilst updating the Click 4 Beds website recently we found out that the Joseph Coto metal bed frame is soon to be discontinued, this also means we only have a very limited stock until it runs out. Thee Joseph Coto is a lovely metal bed with a very pretty design that’s simple and versatile.

It is a modern looking metal bed, which comes in a silver-grey finish, with a square bar design, and a gently curved head and fo

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