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Dreamworks Medici Discontinued

At Click 4 Beds maintaining our website is of utmost importance, especially our product range, and we recently found out from Dreamworks that the Dreamworks Medici has been discontinued. That means it’s not available anymore and as we know our Dreamswork beds are popular, we decided to suggest some alternative similar black metal beds to choose from.

Our recommended similar beds are: Click 4 Beds Shelly – from £99

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Joseph Della Discontinued

While maintaining the products on the Click 4 Beds websites, we found out that the Joseph Della is to be discontinued soon. It has a truly unique design and features alternate square and round corners on its head and foot ends, and is traversed by dark cherry style bed rails. A silver in finish to the frame and a low slung bed frame makes it like very few beds on the market today.

Since this is such a unique b

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Joseph Molla Discontinued

Updating the products on the Click 4 Beds website we found out that the Joseph Molla is to be discontinued soon.

It’s a real shame because it’s such as unique and dramatic bed that has a very individual design. It has a super high headboard and a curved rectangular box steel rail that curves over the perimeter edges of the bed. These seamlessly meet the floor rails and return on skids rather than conventional legs to the head end leg area.

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Joseph Montana Discontinued

Maintaining the Click 4 Beds website we found that while checking through our product updates from manufacturers that the Joseph Montana is to be discontinued soon. It’s quite a unique metal bed that has a black metal and dark wooden frame, and is really beautiful in modern bedrooms.

Since it’s such an individual bed, we thought we’d suggest some similar looking beds to our customers, so they have some idea of other beds that have the

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Joseph Kinda Discontinued

While updating the products on our website we found that the Joseph Kinda is to be discontinued.

The Joseph Kinda is a popular style of bed and has a really versatile design with cleana and simple lines with oak wood and silver metal finishing. The low foot and head ends make it a really modern bed.

Since it’s such a versatile bed, we thought that suggesting some alternative beds would be a good idea, so that our customers don’t have to

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Joseph Anica Discontinued

We’re always updating our website and making sure we provide the best service to our customers. Maintaining our products is key to ensure we keep out customers updated and while updating our products we discovered that the Joseph Anica is to be discontinued.

It’s a rather unique looking bed with a silver metal frame and white head end, it’s pretty slick and modern and there aren’t that many similar beds around, which makes it a real shame.

Saying that, we had a good look at our entire product range and found some similar looking beds to suggest

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Birlea Aztec Discontinued

We recently started selling the beautiful Birlea range on our website and they’ve proven to be extremely popular with our customers. To be honest, we’re not suprised by their popularity.

Birlea beds really offer excellent value for money, they have stunning designs, superb quality frames and are really affordable. What makes them even more popular is that the range on offer is fantastic with everything from metal beds and leather beds to wooden beds and children’s beds.

So you can imagine our dissapointment when Birlea discontinued one of their metal

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Bonita Trundle Bed

Trundle beds are wonderfully innovative pieces that allow you the convenience of extra sleeping areas without sacrificing your space. Perfect for any home, they are especially well-suited to those where space is at a premium or those with frequent overnight visitors. Instead of tossing and turning all night on a couch or floor, guests are treated to a comfortable night’s sleep in a real bed. When done for the night, simply roll the trundle back under the bed, and you have your room back. Quick, easy, and with today’s excellent choices, extremely stylish – what more could you ask f

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Mercer Bed

There is something about classic metal beds that make a statement: perhaps it is the graceful lines, the drama of wrought iron, or the solidity and style of strong metal frames. They instantly pull together the look of a room, bringing beauty and luxury. Unlimited variety is possible with metal: from austere to baroque, and from simple to ornate, metal beds automatically become the focal point of any bedroom.

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Preston Bed with Frame

No matter where you are from or how you grew up, chances are, you know a pretty lady who would love to own a real brass bed. Metal beds have a timeless quality that no other bed shares. They offer real comfort and act as a real crown jewel for any bedroom. Even if brass is a bit out of your price range, there are many other discount metal beds that can be finished with a coating that makes them almost indistinguishabl

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