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Ennis Bed- A Romantic Retreat

Transforming your bedroom into that romantic retreat you have always been dreaming of can seem to be a real challenge, but it is possible with some careful planning. First of all, you must see that the heart of the room is the bed. The style you choose for this will set the mood for the color scheme and other furniture that will soon be added to complete the look you want. Romance and classic elegance easily go hand in hand to offer an excellent theme to carry throughout the room. Start with great looking affordable

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Beautiful Shiloh Bed

It is really popular these days to create a spa like environment in your bedroom and bathroom. White fluffy towels, oversized robes, and soft white sheets seem to be the ideal accents to this oasis setting. Finding the right contemporary bedroom furniture or wood and metal bed to complete the look and feel of this retreat isn’t hard if you know what you are looking for. Something to contract all of the light and airy colors would work well to balance the room and give it a consistent natural app

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Tiburon Mezzo Bed

Sometimes simple straight lines are the easiest and most pleasing on the eyes to decorate with. Neutral colors like black, white, brown, and tan are also very soothing and can be matched with just about any type of metal furniture. Small amounts of brighter colors can be incorporated into the background to make the room “pop”, as they say. Finding affordable bedroom furniture is a nice place to start with when starting a new decorating idea. Choosing the style of contemporary wood and metal bed

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Tivoli Daybed Trundle

If you’ve decided to use that extra room as a multipurpose room, you’re not alone.  That’s a popular choice, as space is always limited.  A decent sized room can be used as a hobby room if you fill one side with all the supplies and equipment you need for your creative endeavors, and then you’ve got the whole other half of the room to use as a guest room.  With the addition of a daybed, guests can sleep in the room and when you don’t have company, you can use the daybed as a cozy place to sit down for a rest or to take a quiet nap.  You can easily double your sleeping

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Shiloh Daybed

A daybed is one of those miraculous pieces of furniture that can be used in just about any room where you have the space to put it.  More than just a great new bed for your little girl or teenager, it is also a great replacement couch for the living room or family room.  Even if you’d prefer to keep your traditional couch, a daybed in the corner can serve as a quiet spot to lie your toddler down for a nap in the afternoon while you do your ironing.  A daybed can be places out in your brea

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Mulberry Daybed Trundle

A daybed would be the perfect extra sleeping space in a tea room or breakfast nook.  And if you add a trundle underneath, you’ve got another bed for unexpected company that you can store away out of sight when it’s not in use.  When you’ve got a daybed and a trundle, you’ve got two beds already made up for company any time you need it.  And with a set that is designed and built to go with anything, you can choose bedding for it according to what you like, not just what will go

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Monique Daybed with Link Spring

A metal daybed can be placed in just about any room in your home.  Daybeds that are built out of metal can withstand many years of use.  Plus, you can put a daybed just about anywhere.  Pur one in your tea room and add a dresser or chest of drawers for a guest room for emergencies.  A contemporary daybed with trundle in your hobby room can also serve as a lovely guest room during the holidays.  A daybed in the den is a nice little place to do some serious reading, or perhaps some serious

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Baldwin Daybed Trundle

Daybeds are made from a variety of different materials.  Although the majority these days are made from metal, wrought iron, and even brass, there aren’t too many made of wood anymore.  Modern tastes and trends have largely overcome, and metal seems to be the material of choice.  However, there are still some who love the look of wood furniture and will choose that over any other material- and there are still daybeds available that are made of wood.  What is truly rare is a stylish woode

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Richmond Headboard

When you’re thinking about redesigning your bedroom quarters, a wooden headboard is a great choice.  While there is nothing at all wrong with a metal headboard, a wooden headboard can provide an almost homemade feel to the atmosphere in the bedroom.  A wooden headboard looks truly lovely with a handmade quilt.

The Richmond Headboard is a lovely touch in any bedroom.  It is p

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Fenton Headboard

If you’re in the mood for a change in your bedroom décor but are on a very limited budget, a new wooden headboard or metal headboard could do the trick. By simply adding a new headboard, and perhaps a new wall hanging such as a tapestry or a handmade quilt, you can change the look of your entire bedroom for a fraction of the price that a new bedroom set would cost. A good neutrally styled headboard is the best choice, as it can work in any bedroom and can simply be moved to another roo

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