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Motorized Concealed Murphy Beds


Here is another great bed solution for people who don’t have the luxury of space. The Concealed Beds Company has conceptualized a great motorized Murphy bed that conceals itself towards a 90 degree corner before hiding itself curiously inside.

You have to wonder though how the mattress can take all that folding. “Cold foam, ergonomic mattress” the company uses i

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Walls Have the Answer to Small Rooms


If you are among the people pressed for space, stop looking at the floor area and start being resourceful. The answer may be on the sides, the walls which are plainly used for hanging pictures and frames. How about beds and hanging cabinets?

Traditional beds and cabinets normally take up much space. They also give you

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Disappearing Wall Beds

Disappearing Wall Beds

Whether you are in need of space or looking for something new to put in your room, the disappearing wall beds are sure to be the one for you. The beauty of these beds is that they can mislead people into looking for the bed in most rooms or units. The next thing you will know, it is mounted and hidden properly where they can be pulled

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Hideaway Beds


The Hideaway is the ‘top of the range’ system, also known as the CA-VOT with the automatic leg system, the top door / doors form a foot board when the bed is down.

This bed has to go into a purpose built cabinet. A combination of a sub frame and an automatic leg allows doors (often 4/6 doors join

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Wall Bed Company


The Wallbed Workshop is an interior solutions company where special attention is paid to current living trends, tastes and customer requirements. The versatile products have a unique blend of style, practicality and space saving potential. The W

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Mission Full Murphy Bed


With sharper lines and angular edges, the Mission Full wall bed is perfect for customers with more contemporary tastes. Available in oak or maple with a hand-applied finish, the Mission style adds sophisticated simplicity to any room. Easy to use and store, it

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Cabrio In Folding Bed


The Cabrio In Folding bed comes with integrated storage and “home office” desk (210 x 60) and is available a single bed (Cabrio 80) or a sma

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