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Hillarious Waterbeds Candid Videos

You have moved into a new house and now you are looking for a new bed.

What we usually do when we test out a new bed is to just jump in and test whether or not it’s comfortable to crash landing on it.

But, here’s a video that shows you why it is not always a good idea to that, especially on a waterbed. I can’t stop laughing at it now!

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Types of Waterbeds


There are 3 types of waterbeds; hardside waterbeds, soft side waterbeds, and tube water mattresses. It is advisable to use either hardside or softside waterbed, because it allow our body to use water to support our body’s weight naturally and evenly. Tube water mattresses are thinner than the previous two, and are actual

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Tell-tale signs your water bed is falling apart.

Here, we offer some pointers for the discerning water bed owner. Time for an inspection!

    water bed frame tilting to one side water mattress caving in on the middle pedestal joints do not fit as they should bed frame is squeaks when you sit on it unusual wood chippings found on the floor termites infested pedestal or bed frame warped bed frame and pedestal if you feel anything unusual about your waterbed

Better be safe than sorry! =)

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Carousel Waterbed


This rather unique looking bed, is actually a waterbed. Many benefits can be accrued from a waterbed. Among the many benefits include cxcellent sleeping comfort. The bed shapes exactly to the body, thus minimizing pressure, especially around the joints. Waterbeds remove pressure from the spine allowing the spinal muscles to fully relax, aiding in the treatment of backache. In paralytic or movement-impaired people they can reduce the risk of be

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Be Careful of Puncturing Your Waterbeds

People may do the craziest and wildest things when they want to sleep in bed with the ideal mate. However, one point that most people fail to realize is that surprises may occur and totally ruin the whole moment.

Waterbeds are indeed nice to lay on for people who want to

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The Swimming Pool Bed


The Swimming Pool Bed unfortunately is a concept however we here at Bedzine pray to the Almighty that one day it turns into a reality. Who wouldn’t like to lounge around a Water Bed and sip some Mojitos. Designed by Piscine Castiglione from Milan the Water Bed gets big thumbs up from us.


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1981 Bad Bed Waterbed Commercials

It is always nice to walk down memory lane and recall those usual commercials that advertise various products. Beds are among these consumer products and being among the prime means of advertising and promotional practices, this bad bed waterbed commercial deserves one more look since they are no longer seen that much today.

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