Chinese Opium Bed


If you are antique junki, then I am sure you must be visiting Ebay more often than you care to admit! I stumbled upon this interesting Chinese Opium Bed on Ebay, which was made during the 19th century in Shanxi or Shandong. Now those are some impressive credentials! The bed is up for auction and currently selling for US $950.00.

“The opium bed uses all tongue and groove construction (no screws, bolts,etc.) and the craftsmanship is remarkable. As seen, the panels, and front of the bed are covered in decorative carvings and handpainted accents on the deep red lacquer.The panels on the sides and back is removable. The piece is “93x”59x”34 with the panels, “93x”59x”21.5 without the panels. It probably weighs 300-400 pounds and is immensely sturdy. Free pickup from my house at 43rd & Pine St. in Philadelphia (right near I76).”

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