Contemporary Chocolate Bedroom Set

Compact, storage-rich master bedroom furniture can be a help in even the largest homes. Today’s society is a possession-rich culture, and with so much ‘stuff’ to store on a regular basis, having a bit more storage, no matter what the piece of furniture, is almost a necessity. As a result, Platform Beds with Storage options are becoming increasingly popular in bedrooms across the country.

The Contemporary Chocolate Bedroom Set by South Shore Furniture is just one more example of this trend. While it offers the timeless styling many individuals demand, the nature of the bed itself also creates a sleek, modern look that fit well with existing décor. Rounded corners help make this choice much safer than many past storage bed designs, and the roomy drawer spaces beneath the bed are ideal storage compartments. While the drawers are a helpful feature, they may not be necessary in all situations, so it comes with or without that option in both full and queen sizes. Perhaps the most exciting feature of this package, though, is the fact that a classic nightstand is included in the package. With one shelf and a drawer, you get an additional measure of space that isn’t often available at a price like this.

South Shore Furniture has been working hard over the past several years to make affordable bedroom furniture more available, and this is the perfect illustration of that goal. Versatile and durable with a price tag almost any seasoned furniture shopper will appreciate, it’s an increasingly popular choice.