Gimbal Bed

A great bed doesn’t have to be elaborate or ornate; it doesn’t have to be big and imposing. Often the most beautiful beds are those that have a simple elegance, those that allow us to show off our own style instead of having our decors dominated by one piece of bedroom furniture. Modern Metal Beds can be especially well-suited for this because they can offer a very dramatic effect without being overpowering. With smooth, cool textures and unlimited designs, a metal bed can be the piece that completes, or begins, your décor.

The power of simple elegance is apparent in the Gimbal Bed. This beautiful piece has double rails and a diamond-patterned style. The wrought iron offers a sturdy, reliable, durable look, softened by the Cappuccino metal finish and gold powder highlights. The Gimbal Bed works with any décor, from classic to contemporary. This amazing versatility means that you can change your comforters, mood, your tastes, your styles whenever you like, and the Gimbal will change right along with you. It does, however, always retain its rugged good looks and charm.

The Gimbal Bed is made by the Fashion Bed Group, one of the most innovative and exciting manufacturers of bedroom furniture in the country. The best designs require the best materials and construction, and the Fashion Bed Group puts the utmost attention to detail and quality into each and every piece. The Fashion Bed Group stands behind its products, offering a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can be assured of durability and lasting beauty.