Monterey Tall Storage Platform Bed

Why are modern platform beds such a tremendous value for consumers?  Why choose these over more ornate frames?  If you have ever bought a very showy bed before that fits just perfectly in with your décor, you know that changing that décor can now be very difficult because your focal point is married to that look.  Platforms are an ideal answer because they are typically very clean and simple: this allows you to take them from a cozy cottage look to a chic cosmopolitan look with ease.  They will look wonderful no matter what décor you decide to build around them.  Why not get a platform bed!

The Monterey Tall Storage Platform Bed offers both the uncluttered look of platforms and the convenience of storage beds.  The spacious storage drawers do make the Monterey have a slightly higher profile, but you will enjoy the sleek, spare lines that you want.  At the same time, you can store linens, blankets, clothing, and whatever else you need to reduce clutter around your bedroom.  The Monterey has great straight lines and a rich cherry finish, both of which will provide the utmost versatility for your décor.  This bed is great for small homes, studios, apartments, lofts, and even spacious houses: it fits in perfectly to any bedroom.

The Monterey is manufactured by Prepac Furniture; if you need value, durability, and even some style thrown in for good measure, Prepac has it all.  Why should great adult and children’s bedroom furniture break the bank?  It doesn’t need to when you choose to invite Prepac into your home.