Regency Tall Platform Storage Bedroom Set

Say the words “platform bed” to some people and they will have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. They have not heard of a platform bed or how it works! If you’re one of those people, a contemporary platform bed is basically just a frame that does not need the support of a box spring, so you’re able to sleep on a mattress, without having a box spring, often allowing you to have a much more comfortable sleep, and definitely allowing you to have a much less expensive one.

One problem that some people have with affordable bedroom furniture that includes platform style beds is that they do not allow you much room underneath, as many platform beds are fairly low to the ground. The Regency Tall Platform Bedroom Set answers that question by making a much taller platform frame that you can put a mattress in. What did they do with the extra space under the mattress? The designers at Prepac Furniture decided that they would put a few drawers into the frame! These drawers allow you to be able to fit plenty of clothing or other items into the bed, giving you enough room that you may not even need a dresser!

But this storage bed set by Prepac Furniture actually comes with a night stand and a bookcase headboard, so that when you add together all of the different elements, you’ve got more than enough storage solutions in one platform bedroom set. It’s definitely a really great deal!