Silverlake Bed

On occasion you may find that the smallest things offer the best rewards.  Headboards that are not full of intricate designs or ornate extras may speak to you more than other more opulent choices.  Instead, you will find that certain discount modern metal beds highlight your room in a way you never thought possible with their contemporary headboards.  All you have to do is find the right colors and decide upon the option of a footboard and frame.  Once you do, your room will be complete.

Gorgeous in its simplicity, the Silverlake Bed uses a fraction of what other metal beds use in their construction, opting for just a few gently sweeping lines instead of grills, ornate finials, and accents.  If a minimal look matches your personal style, then you may have found exactly what you were looking for.  You can opt for the headboard, footboard, or the entire piece, including the bed frame.  Treasure gray coats the intricately welded metal as it flows with a torch design.  Open, restful, and uncomplicated, this is a bed that speaks of effortlessness – the perfect sense you need when it is time to fall asleep.

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