Jakarta Platform Bed – Oriental Beauty

For people who don’t want to spend time looking for a comforter set that comes with a skirt or for those who just don’t want a skirt, platform beds are a simple and stylish alternative.  Oriental Platform Beds not only give an extra element of class to your bedroom, but they also save your wallet by eliminating the need for a box spring or mattress foundation. Instead, a number of support slats as featured in the Jakarta Platform Bed provide full, solid cushioning for just one mattress.

The Jakarta Platform Bed brings a new look to an old concept. Finished with a choice of either mahogany or black, the wood easily brings a down-to-earth feel to any room and matches up with just about any decor. Versatile in its simplicity, the matching wooden headboard features a basic slat concept. It catches the eye through the use of a subtle curve at the top. The overall effect is one of hominess that will make you relish the idea of slipping into bed at night.

The Jakarta Platform Bed is a product of the Fashion Bed Group, a company that brings quality into every product is makes. It brings that quality to each customer, not only offering affordable bedroom furniture, but also a ten year warranty with every piece is makes. Available for multiple mattress sizes, you’ll be proud to own a product put together with skilled craftsmanship that will be guaranteed to last and save you a great deal of money throughout the years.

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