Waveless Water Bed Review

I came across some interesting websites with water beds today. I remember my college roommate used to have a water bed. He had a special bed frame, water heater, and sometimes he had to fix leaks. In all, it was just a big mess but I did like the wavy feeling you get from a water bed.

In contrast to that cool wa

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Floating Bed – Fluttua

Here's a modern floating bed which is actually supported by a single beam attached to the wall.

These bed are obviously available in Italy, I wonder medicinedrop.com if we can get them in the US…

Better yet, you could probably build one yourself with some parts from Home Depot.

via geekologie.com

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Cat Beds

Need a nice present for your cat? Get one of these cool looking cat beds for your furry friend.

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Classic Bed Claudio Rayes # 58 with Canopy

Here’s a bed that looks like one came out of an old medieval movie. It’s slightly costly but great if you want an authentic custom made Italian bed. These guys are pretty serious about beds and have been making beds so check out all their cool beds.

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Beanbag BED

Check out these beanbag beds you can get for your guestroom or livingroom. I personally keep some spare sleeping bags and an airbed just in case my friends want to stay over. These beanbags would be much better alternative to having sleeping bags and airbeds.

Welcome to the furniture revolution that will transform your life. Forget medicinedrop.com saggy bean bags and bulky futons, our funky furniture is totally unique. It's a chair, re

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BED with a built in TV and stereo

Check out this cool bed with a headboard that has a built-in TV and stereo. Very creative!

A headboard with a built in TV and stereo. How crazy is that? This photo came from an estate sale a couple of years ago. The bed was no longer there. Darn. I’d add a computer to mine and stay in bed all day.

via swapatorium

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DIY – Bunk BED kits

Check out these Bunk BED Plans you can buy for building your own bunk beds. If you have no experience building a bunk bed and you want to build one, this might save you some time for just $10.

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Simple Modern Bed

Check out this nifty modern bed. It seems to Generic Viagra Online (Sildenafil Citrate) – Best Offers. be a leather based bed with table add-ons. The bed mattress and frame seems to be seamlessly integrated together. This would be the ideal furniture for any artists or designers.

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Air Mattress review

The other day I was thinking about having a spare air bed for my friends whenever they come over. So I searched some online.

You could get the instant Bed-in-a-Box, which goes for about $250 but looks very sturdy and easy to take care of. (via coolest-gad

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Hand screened bedding Luxury Lab Linens

Cassandra submitted these hand screened bedding from Luxury Lab Linens. Cassandra is the designer and founder of this company.

They got some really cool modern bed linens you won’t find anywhere else. (T

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