Cool Bed for your dog


Here’s a Cool Bed designed for your dog that keeps your loving family member cool for the summer. Get ready for hot summers with this dog bed.

We’re now keeping pets cooler than ever with the new, Cool Bed III. No electricity is required to operate the Cool bed III and these beds are attractively designed and allow a cool spot for dogs. Simply add

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Pause Modern Bed with iPod plugin option

Here’s another cool modern bed with iPod plugin option.

Pause is crafted from sustainable New Zealand Rimu with aluminium detailing. Optional accessories include minimalist side lamps and aluminium storage trays, yet perhaps the most exciting feature is how the shelves can seamlessly accommodate an iPod universal dock and BOSE speaker system. These electronic accessories allow you to enjoy and awaken to your favourite tunes in the most personal of spaces. The concealed iPod

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Build your own BED sheets

Here’s a cool website you can use to make your own custom bed sheets. You can choose the type of fabric, patterns, and colors among others.

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iPod BED

Here’s a nice iPod bed you can hook up your iPod and listen to relaxing music before falling asleep.

We have seem a slew of TV beds in the recent past, now what’s next…a musical bed that could play music from maybe your iPod. This

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Nude Bed sheets

Check out these nude bed sheets you can get with images of naked people on it. Hilarious!

Saucy bedding that’s sure to raise a grin. Printed on both sides – a front on the front and rear on the rear. Made from a quality poly-cotton with poppers to close – fully machine washable.

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“Wipe clean” dog bed

Here’s a nice memory foam dog bed that can be cleaned easily. Can you imagine how much your dog would love this? Memory foam?!? Awesome.

High Density foam with Memory foam covered in Dura-Bull Marine Quality Fabric.

The dog beds are easily wiped clean, quick to dry and stain resistant. This is much more sanitary and durable than any ordinary dog bed. Weighs just 8-11 pounds and has an easy to carry handle.

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SLEEP Dos and Don’ts for Generation Zzzzz

Here’s some cool Sleep dos and don’t for your kids:


    A cool, quiet, dark bedroom. A relaxing room (ban distracting gadgets). A regular going-to-bed and getting-up time. A relaxing bedtime routine to prepare the brain for sleep. Time outside during the day. Someone to open the curtains to wake you up (natural light makes for a better waking).


    Have caffeine, alcohol or nicotine in the hours before bedtime. Eat large meals before bedtime. Play computer games or watch TV/DVDs before bed, or in

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Build-to-Suit wall bed at Create-A-Bed murphy beds

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Check out these wall beds you can create online at decent prices starting at about $299.

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10 Super Hot Tips to Spice up Your Sex Life

WARNING: Okay, this is really for people over 18 years old so if you are under 18, please disregard or look the other way while browsing this site.

Here’s some 10 Super Hot Tips to spice up your sex life:

    Get Naughty, Talk Dirty Be Someone Else Tonight – Roleplay Food to Sex Things Up Naughty Messages and Notes Plan and Romantic Getaway Romantic Candle Light Dinner Music and Sex Experimenting with Sex Poses Creativity in Sex

Although this is probably common sense, it’s a very good list if you d

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Hi-tech clipboard spells the end of bed notes

These Hi-tech clipboards that connect wirelessly to a central server(assuming) will change the way people work in hospitals. Personally knowing some friends who work as nurses, I am glad this gadget has appeared. (On the downside, it will take extra 2 to 3 hours to train the nurses and probably takes more bank from your wallet overall.)

Nonethless, the hi-tech gadget will be able to communicate and manage bed notes at speed of modern society.

It is the gadget that could spell the end of the clipboard for medical notes at the end of every ho

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