The Metsa Stool

The Metsa Stool

Well here is another stool for you, one that carries a geometric abstract of tree structures which in all still does render that expected functionality they are expected to carry.

Metsa, which stands forest in Finnish, was something though of by Geoffrey Ribbery and Emmanuel Tailard. It was said to be inspired by an area’s lush landscape whose 9 legs sort of look like the abstract of a tree structure.

The Metsa stool is made up of raw birch, its aesthetic is the best of both natural and mo

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Official Pillow-Fighting Pillow now Available

Pillow-Fighting Pillow

Pillow-fighting as a competitive thing? Well only in Japan.

Apparently pillow-fighting over there is not just for kids or for some light moments. It is taken seriously. In fact there is an association for it called the All Japan Pillow Fighting Association and now they have an official pillow which you can buy yourself.

The pillows were produced by Makura Kabushikigaisha, and were made with extra walloping power for pillow fighting. They are stuffed with perfectly weighed crush

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The Piega Cabinet

Piega Cabinet

In what looks like another unorthodox piece, the Piega Cabinet is another reliable piece that carries some artsy quirks. The Piega Cabinet was made possible through a combination of handwork and CNC machines, darkened with vinegar and steel wool.

The cabinet should be something neat to have in the bedroom or in any part of the home, a sculptural addition which should capture some attention.

Designed by Katrina Ennamorato, the Piega cabinet fea

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Optimus Prime Stained Glass

Optimus Prime Stained Glass

Stained Glass art is a novelty and all the more when you get to find one carrying a certain design familiar to most people.

Sweeten it all the more by using it on a lamp and surely you will get a lot of interested people who would certainly love one.

And if you are among the many Transformers fan, this Optimus Prime Stained Glass Lamp should be just right by your bedside, or in any area of your home, providing the expected functionality and twist which will

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Cork and Clay Lamps

Cork and Clay Lamps

Here is another neat cork (and clay)-based creation, something which should look utterly good in your home. The Cork And Clay Lamps are shaped gently and manually, carefully crafted to render an eye-catching piece which should certainly be another added piece to perk up your living space.

The clay shade provides the necessary weight for the good suspension of the lamp and conceals colourful motifs that are discovered when the light is switched on.

Available in three different designs,

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The Fling Lamp

The Fling Lamp

This L-shaped lamp may seem somehow familiar, but regardless is something which should give any room the needed lighting with a touch of green.

The Fling Lamp designed by Kristina Kallstrom-Gernes makes use of the expected LED technology for more energy efficient lighting where needed and is something you can easily place on any wall.

The lamp is made from traditional Swedish wooden veneer and promises to give a warm and subtle glow any time and anywhere.

The Fling lamp carries a m

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The Pillow Talk Coffee Table

Pillow Talk Coffee Table

Well here is an uncanny coffee table said to be made for couples although it does look somewhat like those old desks that many of you may have come across during your pre-school years.

Designed by Zach Schlossberg, the desk was said to be intended to pro

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All Tied Up with a Corset Lamp

Corset Lamp

The Corset Lamp should be another nifty piece to have in your home. Playing along the lines of contemporary to modern lighting element that people will surely find handy, this lamp requires some effort on your part, not that technical but more of a puzzle that needs to be completed.

The components which include cork, wooden elements and the bulb with cord should be easy to understand as far as assembly goes. A corset of course is the final piece in the lamp, something which

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The Swarm Lamp

Swarm Lamp

Well here is an unusual lamp for you. The swarm lamp comes in a somewhat bug-like form made of glass and wood.

Created by the Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau, the Swarm Lamp is a Scandinavian looking lighting piece which should be neat to place in a hanging or suspended manner.

The lamp is flexible and can be positioned in different angles. The wooden portion may make the lamp look unbalanced, but depending on the position and where it

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The Container Stools from Marcel Wanders

Container Stools

Depending on the design, plastic-based creations may have some issues when it comes to appeal. However Marcel Wanders was able to defy all that with the Container Stools, handy pieces which should be nifty to have in any home.

Made of polyethylene, these seats are said to be durable and longer lasting. The ornamental base carries a familiar traditional style while the smooth top surface should be reliable enough for vaying purposes. This includes placement of items such as your books,

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