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Recommended Angles


Jerdon Wall Mirror

People, particularly the ladies, need mirrors properly placed in any home setting. Normally, these would be found in the usual welcoming area, bathroom and bedroom. And for the women wary of their looks, the Jerdon wall mirror is one piece that should be flexible enough to be placed anywhere a woman or man desires for aid in grooming.

The Jerdon wall mirror is fully adjustable of around 360 degrees and flips from regular reflection up to 5X magnification. It comes in a chrome finish that includes the mounting hardware.

A sturdy yet highly mobile unit, this wall-mount

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The Twisted Lamp

Twist and turn or do whatever you wish to get that much wanted lighting and design with the Twistogether lamp. The concept of this lamp seems to be a page taken out of the famous Rubiks Cube, only that it can go beyond the limited square spacing. With its flexible nature, you can shape this Twistogether lamp to any form you wish. Each individual block twists around so that you can make them sit at different angles.

That also gives your child a little extra something that they can be creative with, which is always a bonus. It uses LED lights to give the glow that you see he

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The Perspective Table

For people who are curious about the dimensions and measurements of tables, you can thank this wise artist, James Tooze who came up with something different for this solid walnut table. The creator of this solid walnut table decided to paint a wireframe of its constructional elements right on it, so it looks see-thru—at least from certain angles.

The artist, James Tooze, said he developed the table, titled “A New Perspective,” to encourage people to “be curious and qu

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Strata Contemporary Bed


Bring a clean and casual feel to your master bedroom with our Strata Contemporary Bed. This beautiful bed features a slatted design with crisp angles adding a contemporary feel to your surroundings. The cherry solids and quality veneers make this bed both durable and attractive. It will become the centerpiece of your room and will enhance the look of our entire Strata Collection.

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The Bonsai Futon BED

Check out this cool Bosai Futon that turns into a bed. (Well, maybe that’s what a futon is…duh~)

Anyways, this futon doesn’t have angles when in “sofa mode” unlike the ones I’ve seen. This might be good.

The Bonsai Sofa-bed with its simple push pull mechanism is ideal for casual rooms around the home. Sprung wooden slats and a rapid sofa to bed action makes this popular for teenagers wanting a double bed with a cool sofa for day use. Recommended for general seating in any

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