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Skin and Skeleton Chairs

Skin and Skeleton Chairs

Here are a couple of chairs which should compliment your modern home setting. The Skin and Skeleton Chairs come from the team of David Adjaye and furniture maker Knoll, chairs which come in contrasting designs that make them ideal for inside or outside use.

The Skin Chair features an ergonomic curving profile and is made from nylon. They come in various bright colors are recommended for outdoor use to accommodate perhaps guests or folks w

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The Twofold Bench

The Twofold Bench is another interesting piece that should offer some social and functional use indoors or outdoors. Designed by After Architecture, the bench was designed to accommodate two user groups, hosting individuals of average height and seat 18” above the ground.

The bench design also allows users to easily rest their legs beneath while reading or playing some board games such as chess or checkers among others.

The bench was made using plywood profiles, actually inver

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Tree Houses with Actual Tree inside

We know that tree houses would normally be built on trees. However this is one tree house that seems to be made to blend in with a tree, made possible with a tree growing from the basement floor all the way to the top.

The tree house or home was minimally designed with the intent of adding a green touch to its architecture. It comes with the basic areas such as a kitchen, a bathroom and even some more open spaces which should be fit for people to live in.

The home is built with

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Flip Coffee Cup Chair and Table

Flip Coffee Cup Chair and Table

Simple and ingenious, the Flip Coffee Cup chair and table is another dual-serving piece which should be something worth checking out. The piece is another neat solution for folks who have small spaces or are looking for multifunctional pieces to have in their home.

The Flip Coffee Cup Chair and Table was designed by Daisuke Motogi Architecture, coming in the familiar shape of a cup of coffee. The Flip Coffee Cup is comfortable to sit in and practical for use, especially if you are the ty

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The FOLDONE Table is another one of those weird looking tables yet offers the necessary functionality and balance that one would look for in tables. Apparently this one offers a new and dynamic position, featuring folding surfaces which should be something to have for modern interior living spaces.

The table was designed by Novae Architecture, offering conceptual abstraction molding the steel materials into something offering continuity and

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The Lightweight Aliante Bookshelf

Add some flare and functionality into your home with the Aliante Bookshelf. Designed by Davide Anzalone, these bookshelves were made carbon fibers to offer the necessary support for your books and other things you may want to have on display.

The Aliante Bookshelf is a first place winner for the 2012 Carbon Fiber Design Contest and carries a low-air resistance design inspired by aeronautical architecture. Be

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The 4D Table

The 4D table is one that geeks and nerds are bound to find interesting. Although it does have some odd twists and turns with reference to its overall architecture, the 4D table was actually inspired by Albert Einsten’s theory on time.

The table features a mesh-type glass top which is said to represent the space time continuum and is ably supported beneath by four vectors. While I am not sure the table does offer some convenience as far as leg room

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Aeroply Wooden Chaise Lounge

Aeroply offers a lounge chair said to be made for the woman. All this was said to be because of its architecture, something made for the woman’s curves.

The Chaise Lounge is contemporary and sculptural, something designed by Karolina Ferenc. The lounge chair is made from wood and is said to be environmentally friendly. The Chaise is perfect for any contemporary to modern living space, something meant to hug and hold the fema

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Flourescent Elastic Chairs from William Lee

This chair, simply called “The Furniture” may seem far off from being the comfy seating that everyone has been yearning for but thanks to the deceivingly looking neon frames, the comfort lies more on the architecture.

True enough, these chairs can easily throw you off. But thanks to the flexibility it gives whereby people can easily adjust the shape then perhaps this is where the whole issue of overall comfort steps in.

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The Sleepy Chair

Here is a home furnishing made or couch potatoes. The Sleepy Chair was designed by Daisuke Motogi Architecture and was on hand at the 2010 Tokyo Designtide show.

This is a chair made from a mattress which is folded into a concertina. The Sleepy Chair should be ideal for people who have knack of sleeping on couches, particularly the ones who are too timid to reach the bedroom or some who end up coming home drunk.

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