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The Armchair Ruche

The Armchair Ruche

The Armchair Ruche is an uncanny piece you can place in your home. At first glance, it is obvious that the first thing you would notice would be the uneven arms on the chair, one shorter than the other.

While the chair should gain the interest of some folks, the chair does look a bit funky in a sense especially for the people who are into odd and mysteriously designed stuff.

The chair is available in varying fabrics and colors. This incl

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The Skull Armchair

Skull Armchair

Halloween is over but this chair could have been a great add to homes which celebrate the night of witches and warlocks religiously. Then again, its black coloring makes it close to being a Darth Vader-inspired seating and should be something that would hit it big with the hardcore folks out there who love to go to extremes.

Designed by Harold Sangouard, the chair is a retro looking chair that should be tied up with all those Conan or barabaric-inspired movies that many are surely following. Just

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A Decevingly Comfortable Chair from Artek

Armchair 41 Paimio Chair

Artek unveils the Armchair 41 Paimio Chair, an unusually designed piece which most importantly addresses the comfort concerns that most people are looking for when it comes to sensible seating pieces.

The chairs may not look that comfy to sit on at first but are certainly convenient once you get the chance to sit on them. The chairs does come with overlooked features, including one which allows folks to lean back slightly as well as cuts in the back for ventilation.

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An Incredible Illuminating Armchair

Illuminating Armchair

Well here is a chair that could save you some savings when you talk about lighting needs. The Nuvola di Luce is an interesting illuminating chair that should make it “glow in the dark”, something which should make you look like a god or a person sitting on a cloud of light.

Apparently using LED lighting, the chair is good to glow for up to 200,000 sessions (as per its manufacturer). Now if an armchair is not your thing, there is also a c

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The Amy Armchair

Alpa Salotti offers a stylish modern chair which shall surely be welcome in contemporary to modern homes. The Amy Armchair features a leather clad seating solution that is readily supported by a disk-like chrome base which atones for its futuristic look yet functional make.

Also, the chair has an adjustable headrest which should all the more provide ergonomic support and further pampering when you sit down.

The white leather makes it the ideal addition to a contemporary neutral palette, or pa

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The Bao Armchair

The Bao Armchair

The Bao Armchairs are simple and minimalistic looking chairs that anyone would surely love to have in their home. The chairs by EOOS carry modern curves that make them appealing to sit on, a perfect chair to welcome you when you get home or seat guests when they come over.

Designed to be viewed from any angle, the Bao Armchair features smooth saddle leather upholstery which are patched together in a neat artistic fashion which should make them blend easily in any existing home interior.

The ch

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The Pecorelle Sofa and Chair

Pecorelle Sofa and Chair

Still not content with your existing sofa or chair? Well here is one that will surely offer you all the comfort you would need. The Pecorelle Sofa and Chair offer an inviting and comfortable combo which should be just right for your living room, something that comes from Arflex.

The pieces are overstuffed round shaped furniture pieces which should truly be inviting, not to mention comfy for the folks who want a cushioned sofa or chair to sit on. Both the sofa and armchair are perched on spindl

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The Louisiana Armchair

The Louisiana Armchair

For the cowboy wannabes out there, here is a chair that will surely capture your interest. The Louisiana Armchair is a neat seat to add to any room, something that is shaped like an English horseback riding saddle.

The chair is further complimented with black casters as if the saddle was put away. The seat itself is formed against the inverted saddle with sweeping rounded lines and 360-degree finish that looks beautiful from any angle.

The curious looking armchair was designed by Vico Ma

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The Welded Table from Bonaldo

The Welded Table from Bonaldo

Here is a lush looking table that any modern to contemporary home owner will surely love. The Welded Table is another piece from Bonaldo, a table that boasts of different functionalities which has legs that can be easily attached in different positions.

They can be placed close together near the centre to form a dining table or they can be spread apart close to the sides to create a work desk where you can glide from side to side on an armchair.

The table is something thought of by Alain Gi

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Era Round Armchair

Era Round Armchair

Here are some armchairs that should be neat to have around the dining table. Somehow taking a familiar form with their rounded mold, the Era Round Armchair should easily offer the necessary functionality when you dine or when you have company over.

The chairs are made from solid European beech wood which are FSC-certified, a natural cane seat, water-borne stain and varnish or lacquer and nylon-floor glides. Designed by Michael Thonet, these ageless chairs should have no problem blending

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