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The Supra Bed

The Supra Bed

The Supra Bed somehow remains me of my youth, brought up in a place where woven masterpieces were all around. That included the bed frames and chairs, something similar perhaps to what the Supra Bed features.

The Supra Bed was designed by Mermelada Estudio, featuring an intricate woven cane which is curved onto the headboard for

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Raft Daybed by Yothaka

Daybeds are just the thing to splurge on this summer. One of our favourite daybeds this season is the Raft Daybed by Yothaka. Made from Southeast Asian water hyacinth, the bed seems to resembles a sea wave. The bed is available in shades of natural, chocolate, and charcoal.

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The Jonque Sofa

All La Maison Coloniale creations are an amalgamation of the old and new design principles. The 3 seater Jonque Sofa  pays homage to the Asian school of thought and strikes the perfect balance between the classic and the contemporary.

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Teenage Bed.

I always liked such beds. They look very cool for one and they’re also space saving. However, I don’t know if the Asians will like such a bed. They always say that it’s not good to study under your bed.Kinda like it makes you stupid because your butt or legs are above you. Don’t think it bothers the western culture though, these beds sell.

Teen bed

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