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Recommended Barware


Ctrl+Alt+Delete Barware Series

Start your mornings with a hot steaming cup of Java Joe and if you are the geeky type, then we have the perfect coffee cup for you. Check out the  Ctrl+Alt+Delete Barware Series which is a brainchild of Think Geek. This uber-nerdy cup collection   holds 8 ounces of your beverage of choice and and is just what you need when you want to reboot your day or even your techie

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The “Half Full” Optimist’s Glass

Pessimists watch out. The “Half Full” Optimist’s Glass may just mess with your head! This uber-cute glass can be purchased from Think Geek for $11.99 and has been designed for the eternally positive! The 7 ounce double-walled drinking glass is made out of durable borosilicate glass and even makes for a

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