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Las Vegas Market Coverage at Bedzine!

We will be over at Las Vegas Market for a special coverage of the event this upcoming August, we will be picking 5 to 10 best of the show.  We will review your products, take 1080P HD videos, and post them on our blog and send you loads of free web traffic with our featured reviews on our sidebar, which will hopefully receive enough coverage for your company to make billions of dollars and also keep our readers happy by keeping them up to date on the latest innovations in the bed market.

We will be on the show flo

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The Noodle Eater Hair Guard

This has to be one of the funniest contraptions ever featured on Bedzine! The Noodle Eater Hair Guard mmm does exactly what the name says. Ideal for those who eat  their noodles with gusto or who are unfamiliar with basic dining etiquettes!

Via Interior Design Room

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Nature v2.01 Chair

Here at Bedzine, we are firm believers in the mantra of “Go Green” and hence admire designers who are not messing with Mother Nature. Belgium-based designers from Draw Me a Sheep have designed the ‘Nature v2.01’, which is made from ash bark formed over timber and resin. The designers points out that if trees had square trunks, less wood would be wasted. The chair may not exactly be easy on the eyes but remember its for a good cause.


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Vertical Bed

At Bedzine we have covered products from the surreal to the sublime and the Vertical Bed surely takes the cake when it comes to bizarre beds. Invented by James O’ Shea, the bed is for the harried working population that wants to take short naps during a long day.  The bed is contained in a suitcase making it mobile and your new best friend.

Via Matt

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Lomme Bed a Smash Hit at 100% Design


Bedzine readers would be familiar with the ubercool  Lomme Bed which we have covered before. Cycle13 team, who are the producer of the now famous Lomme Bed are extremely excited about the bed’s popularity at the 100% Design this week at Earls Court.

“We expected local contacts for UK based distribution for Lomme and we got a lot more,” said J

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Sleep Quest by Discovery

We here at Bedzine always stress on getting sufficient sleep and thus love the new Discovery Health ‘sleep credit’ programme. Titled ‘Sleep Quest’ an employee for every hour of overtime, will receive a 30-minute sleep credit, or ‘Nap Scrap’.

“Sleep is vital for good health, and we want our employees to not only be healthy, but happy as well,” said Susan Harmse, who came up with this scheme. “Studies have shown

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The Shooter Fire Extinguisher

We here at Bedzine are always on the lookout for products which make our home safer. The Shooter fire extinguisher concept is something we love as it fires CO2 bullets rather than foam. Eunjung Kim, Yangwoo Kim & Junyi Heo, has designed this cool fire extinguisher.

Via Core 77

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Missoni Cushion Covers

Missoni needs no introduction in the design world and we here at Bedzine love the stuff they churn out. Check out these avant-garde cushions from Missoni which come with their own patent leather handle. A part of the Cerchi Collection, the cushions make a great conversation piece.

# Canberra – Top

# Adelaide – Bottom

# Removeble cover

# Patent leather handle

# Colored band Tasmania


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ThunderBird Bed

We here at Bedzine give Kevin Hassler a big thumbs for creating an airplane bed modeled after a U.S. Air Force Thunderb Hassler. Hassler did it for his 3 year old son and even hand-painted “Lt. Commander Brody Hassler, a.k.a. ‘Brodmeister which is his son’s nickname.

The father used the following materials: 18-inch bendable plywood for sides, w

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Use SiteHoppin’ to find new “bed” related sites!

You might have noticed a big bar on top of our blog about SiteHoppin’. It’s a new search engine that lets you find new interesting sites simply by hoppin’. (clicking on the SiteHoppin’ button)

What does this do for Bedzine readers?

Well, you can find new sites related with “beds” simply by clicking the SiteHoppin’ button instead of searching on Google or elsewhere.

SiteHoppin’ also allows you to subm

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