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The No Cardboard Side Table

The No Cardboard Side Table

Here is another deceiving looking piece. On the side the table makes it look like it was actually something made from corrugated cardboard. But the real thing about it is that the table actually makes use of an aluminum sandwich type of material sheet.

Its thin make makes it pretty deceiving. Well for one, we all know that cardboards have their limits as far as weight is concerned. But designer Philipp Kaefer’s uncanny design seems to be as stu

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Paq Armchair with Hidden Bed

Paq Armchair

Here is a neat alternative for people who want to make guests snug and comfy just in case they have to sleep over. This is the Paq, an armchair that actually comes with a hidden bed. The bed can be unleashed when you unzip the chair, something you can easily roll out when the need arises.

The Paq chair is also ideal for people who don’t have the luxury of space. When not in use, all you have to do is roll it up around a circular cardboard s

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Cardboard Paperpedic Bed

Here is an eco-friendly and cheaper alternative for people seeking better ways to sleep in numbers. Karton offers the cardboard Paperpedic Bed, something that can reportedly accommodate up to 10 people at a time.

With that in mind, you have to wonder if the cardboard is sturdy enough to support that much weight but Karton believes that such is not an issue. And the best part of it all is that they are cheap. Available for about $190, t

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The Black Paper Loungers

In what looks like a neat bean bag alternative, the Black Paper 37 chair should offer some comfortable solution to the people who are looking for more convenience in any which way they can. The Black Paper 37 chair is handcrafted and comes in a solid black color which should easily fit in any living space.

The chair is made from 37 layers of paper and gofer cardboard which are evenly stacked on each other. The lounger offers a neat alternativ

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Shipwood Dark Bookcase

It seems that Fashion for Home is offering a lot of home organization solutions lately. After seeing the Dickens cardboard bookshelf, we know spot the Shipwood Dark Bookcase. This time, the bookcase was made using salvaged wood from old Chinese riverboats that more or less is responsible for the make they eventually come fin

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The Dickens Cardboard Bookshelf

The Dickens Cardboard Bookshelf

Here are some more potential storage solutions for your home organization needs. Just in case you are in the market for some new bookshelfs, the Dickens bookshelves by Fashion for Home may be a cool and eco-friendly alternative.

The bookshelf design comes from Reinhard Deines, making use of durable cardboards to address your organization and storage requirements. They offer different sized compartments molded in

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The Amarillo Paper Wall Clock

Here are some neat stuff for your home. They are called the Amarillo2, handcrafted cardboard and paper wall clocks carrying a simple yet catchy design. The clock’s colorful hands break up the concentric rings and angles that look almost hypnotic.

They come in pizza-box packaging and should easily find their way into any room. Though the background design does seem a bit dizzying if you stare at it too much, overall, the

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The Lady Jane Lamp

Here is another cool lamp to fit into your living space. The Lady Jane Lamp features a flat-pack light that relies on optical trickery of negative space. It seems to be made out of cardboard but is really made from plywood materials.

It is also available in colored plexiglass and costs about $450.


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Wannabe Table

As someone who is in the process of shifting the Wannabe looks like a godsend. Designed by llot llov for Pulpo, the powder-coated steel table can fit on a moving carton seamlessly.

“It’s a piece of metal to be folded around a cardboard box. Very handy in the first days of moving into a new home until everything is settled- which always takes longer than one originally plans for.”

Via Dwell

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DIY: Magic Duct Tape Wallet

Believe it or not but duct wallets are quite a rage! So if you belong to the duct tape clique then you will like this post. Make a Magic Duct Tape Wallet by following the instructions at Instructables.

Things you need: Duct Tape (for colors, go to Wal-Mart, they have every color imaginable) -Stiff Cardboard (I used an old Converse shoebox) -Scissors -Pen -Altoid tin

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