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Adorable Fluffy Lamps from the Anemone Collection

Anemone Collection

These fluffy lamps seem like an odd way to perk up your room, especially with the carpet-like materials used in creating them. However these fluffy lamps, which are actually part of the Anemone collection, promise to deliver an aquatic-like twist to your living space, rendering a soft glow that should really set up the mood of any home in a snap.

The fluffy lamps were created by Olivia d’A

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LED carpets are a rare sight, but design company Lama have done a brilliant job with the CELL+LED. The cutting-edge collection has LED lights incorporated in the fibre itself and were first seen at the business class of an Airbus. While essentially for commercial projects, we feel they will also look swanky in homes and make a super stylish statement.

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Karpett Unusual Carpet

Here is another odd and multifunctional home enhancing solution for you. Though it seems to be made to offer protection for valued floors, Karpett is actually more than that. It is a large roll of Tarkett flooring which can be used either as a bench or alternative as a seat or lounging area for people looking for a different feel. Karpett was designed by 5.5 Designers which could pass magnificently as a modern piece of loungi

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Stove Carpet With Heating Capabilities

We are big fans of innovative products that seem to transcend all design boundaries. The Stove is an interesting take on thermal heating as it is a carpet/rug that features heating capabilities. The carpet is equipped with a rechargeable photovoltaic battery and features a three layered design. The first layer protects from the cold, the second features carbon hot wire and the third includes cells to diffuse heat to the surface.

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Lamp Carpet with LED Lights

Carpets are known to bring some ambiance and wait til you get a look at this one which has some integrated LED lights with it. The Lamp Carpet was designed by Lama Concept and is made of LED lights and 100% wool.

The lights compliment the mood for homes and can surely perk up your place in an instant. The Lamp Carpets are available in a variety of bright combinations and paired with LED’s, you can just imagine the glamour that

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Earthquake Coffee Tables

It seems that Mexican designer Ricardo Garza Marcos is quite busy these days. After seeing that cooky looking Band-Aid Carpet, he know offers another odd-looking piece with the Earthquake table. The table carries a large crack in the middle, reminding you of the San Andreas fault, the famous tectonic boundary in California..

However, the crack is actually something that opens and closes to reveal some useful storage space. As a functional

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The Welcome Mat Carpet

We know for a fact that welcome mats would normally be found at the front door. But for some reason, someone thought of making it into a room’s actual rug flooring. Now it is an idea but as far as ambiance and design is concerned, it may not necessarily be that appealing.

Also, it may give the person the wrong idea that they are always welcome there or inversely, being sarcastic. Good idea but it may not be the best one to have for your home.


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The Yona Chair (or Carpet?)

Here is another multi-functional chair you can consider. Called the Yona, this is a chair which can also be a carpet. The Yona was designed by Kieser Spath which is covered in upholstery and several thin foam layers.

An industrial Velcro is used to steady the chair on the floor. It comes with soft edges and can be transformed into multiple sitting and lying postures.

(Source) Design Launch

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Mohawk Droux Machine Woven Rug

A rug can really make a difference in a room and hence I personally feel it’s always a good investment. I really liked the Mohawk Droux Machine Woven Rug, which is retailing on Amazon for $159.99. The rug measures 94 x 25 x 1 inches and features a contemporary block design.

Please Note: This is product is not affiliated with Keetsa or Bedzin

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Old Mattresses Turned into New Furniture

What happens to your old mattress when they have already used up their reliable product life? Throw them away and wait for the garbage collectors to collect? Give them to charity or the needy? If you have an old mattress, hold on for a moment and see what things you can do with it. Something like re-use or recycling perhaps?

As mattresses have become more and more of a disposal issue, improved recycling and reuse options are coming into play. Where they are recycled,

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