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Wooden Concrete Tables

Wooden Concrete Tables

Handcrafting wood is easier said than done but is actually the final product which matters the most. Some maybe wonderfully crafted that they end up deceiving our very own eyes, something like this concrete-looking table which is actually made of wood.

Stefano Sagripanti handcrafted this neat looking table, a concrete table whose finish throws you a bit off since it seems like it is actually wood. The cement materials were colored in such a way to render the said output, roughened a bit

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Squishy Chairs

Squishy Chairs

Here is another deceivingly made piece you may want for your home The Squishy Chair looks a lot lit a sturdy and hard but upon closer look, you may be surprised that the chairs are as comfy and soft as you can get.

Apparently this was all made possible thanks to the upholstery, seemingly cement-hard but actually soft and “squishy” when you touch or sit on them. The cement-like upholstery is actually the cushion that brings the comfort you would be looking for, made entirely to decei

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Creative Aroopy Pouffles for Ottoman owners

For some homes, having an ottoman or a pouf may be something that can help you relax or be pampered. But rather than settling for something which may look dull, Aroopy offers some neatly designed pouffles which should light up their existence.

Aroopy offers these eye-catching and light looking covers which should likewise provide additional protection for your ottoman or pouf. Among the designs available

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4th Dimension Concrete Clock

Though we are pretty much far from the stone age, here is one clock that should be an art piece worthy for placement in any room. The 4th Dimension Concrete Clock is a wall clock made of one solid piece cement whose main intent is seemingly to easily blend in with standard concrete walls. The inner space was designed in the form of a spiral staircase. It has a hand at the top level which continuously goes up and down as time passes. Ligh

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The Cemented Bench Medusa

Normally you would find benches or seats wrapped with some cloth to go with the expected comfy cushions but the Bench Medusa is perhaps exactly the opposite. Aside from having a sturdy metal frame, the Bench Medusa is capped with a cement-filled nylon fabric that makes gives it a feel of being hard as a rock. The Bench Medusa was created by Erasmus Scherjon for the purpose of delivering a two-seated outdoor piece. On why it was called the Bench Medus

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The Stalb Lamp by Kassen

The Stalb Lamp is another potential light source you can consider for your home. This odd but unique looking lamp blends together wood, cement and illumination pegged to provide the necessary lighting solution that most homes and rooms need today.

It combines a mix of curved steel founded properly on a concrete base. It is then after topped with a simple hollow plywood block, carrying a modernist approach but one that’s sure to stay rel

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DIY: Hypertufa Troughs

If you are blessed with green thumbs and passionate about gardening then you will like this post. Make you own hypertufa troughs or concrete containers by using moss, perlite, and Portland cement. Go here for full instructions.

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How To Build A Sunroom

It’s always a good idea to get some Vitamin D and hence adding a sunroom makes sense. For any good sunroom, there are some pre-requisites like an airy room, large windows and electricity.

“First find out where the best place for the sunroom will be. You will want lots of sun exposure this will be important the placement of the sunroom.

Size of the sunroom how large do you want the room and what will your budget allow. Once you feel you have dimensions of the sunroom you will want to go

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Choosing Between Carpet and Laminated Flooring

The flooring of any room will perhaps be the last thing that people would worry about. Made from either standard wood or cement, covering them up is easy compared to choosing which furnishings and appliances to put. But look a bit closely and you may find that before you start thinking of those things, it would be wise to cover up that bare flooring first. Besides, it seems like a double job having to address the floor issue and then moving stuff back and forth.

Carpeting is common these days. It brings elegance and class. But the issue of cleaning may be a problem for most since in

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