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Dipinta Di Blu Chair

Dipinta Di Blu Chair

Adele-C offers another oddly but interesting seat design for us with the Dipinta Di Blu Chair. The chair looks a lot like a sculptural piece rather than a functional piece you can have at home but just the same, is still a furnishing that will come in handy any day.

The chair design is credited to Marco Papa, a lightweight seat that was made possible since it was manufactured entirely out of carbon. Known to be a strong material, the carbon element was used in a way to make the chair render

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Panton Chair

Panton Chair

A tree trunk will almost certainly be part of a piece of furnishing, chairs in the most likely cases. Normally they would undergo further procedures to make them functional but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Panton Chair.

A single tree trunk and special skills behind a chainsaw resulted in the Panton Chair, molded carefully by a chainsaw specialist. The carved beech trunk resulted with the intention of translating the original design of Verner Panton into another material w

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Maserati Lounge Chair

Maserati Lounge Chair

The spotting of the Maserati Chair may seem surprising for some but is really nothing new with the many car-inspired pieces that have come out as of late. However, for the folks looking for more comfy and lush pieces to sit on, the Maserati Lounge Chair surely comes out offering tons of comfort which should be ideal for consumers.

Spotted over at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, the Maserati Lounge Chair comes from Ludovica and Roberto Palomba who collaborated with Zanotta for the said c

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The Little Giant Chair

Little Giant Chair

Here is a chair design that seems pretty much simple as any functional chair. However with the versatile cushion that compliments it, the chair instantly separates itself thanks to some added comfort.

The Little Giant Chair designed by Signe Hytte features a draping cushion which is placed over one armrest, making it a unique chair that should be perfect for modern and contemporary home settings.

The chair was said to be inspired by Japanese culture, something made out of ash wo

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The Ficelle Chair

Ficelli Chair

In what is said to be inspired by spaghetti, the Inspired Chair design from Osko+Deichmann is chic and simple enough to be put into use in the indoor and outdoor needs of homes.

The chair features smooth curves similar to that one would remind people of spaghetti, this is one chair that should be functional and simple for use. It is also lightweight thanks to its aluminum-based material and comes with provisions for an optional seat pad.

The Ficelle Chair was designed by Ligne R

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The Practical Hai Chair

Hai Chair

Using practicability as its main feature, the Hai Chair should be something reliable to have in homes or offices. The Hai Chair was designed by Luca Nichetto for One Nordic, a chair which features sealed hinges and a folding backrest that should make it easy to ship and satisfy a person’s seating preference.

The chair design brings together an Italian touch which should be a nifty lounge chair to have. The chair makes use of One Nordic functi

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Plastic Lounge Chairs

Plastic Lounge Chairs

Monoblock or plastic chairs will always come in handy, particularly when you need mass accommodation for seating especially during events. And while most plastic chair designs would hardly matter, for the ones who want something different, these plastic lounge chairs from designer Mauro Fragiotta should be something lush to check out.

The stealthy chair design makes use of angular geometries and the usual stackable functions to make these chairs stand

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Chester Moon Tufted Sofa

Baxter offers a cozy looking tufted leather sofa, one that should be just right for those late afternoons or when you get home after a hard day at work. The sofa features a soft aesthetic finish that comes close to looking like actual clouds or cottons that will offer the necessary aid for people seeking better respite.

The Chester moon is available in a matching sofa and chair design, and should be a neat addition to any

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Martz Edition Original Chair Design

Carrying a continuous design, here is a chair that should be neat to have for your pad. The Original Chair from Martz Edition offers a very pleasing and super stylish design that should be just right for modern or maybe even some contemporary home setups.

The chair is available in a variety of finishes and colors that include aluminum or wood which are all capped by a very comforting leather interior upholst

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Concept Chair Design from Maclovia

It seems that February has been a month full of concept chairs with emphasis on flexible storage options and now we have another one from designer Maclovia. Simply called the “Concept Chair”, this sitting solution provides the expected comfort together with some storage solutions underneath it.

It borrows the familiar functions of a common

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