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“One To Three For Five (Seconds)”

Is it a box? Is it a seat? Is it a table? Wait its all three and much more! “One To Three For Five (Seconds)” is all about multi-tasking as the white table can be split up pair of low riding chairs and a red table/foot stool/extra life. All in Five seconds of course!

Via Yanko Design

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ÅNGE Chair

The ÅNGE is the latest addition to the ever-growing IKEA catalogue. This funky chair retails for just $129.00 and is hand-woven which makes each piece special and unique. The twisted paper provides a soft surface.

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Ellinor Mcguire’s Cracked Ice Arm Chair

I can’t give any comment if all of you say this is beautiful. Heck it is. Continuing the design of Elinor McGuire since 1968, the Braked Chair still prevail its quality of style. This Craked Ice armchair looks elegant with your dining table, or a great tea chair at your veranda.

Via Furniture Blog

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The McKinley

Futon, originally from Japan, which means a mattress that folds into a chair, has been adopted around the world. The Futon McKinley by Collegiate, offers the same features for your hyperactive teenager. Made of unfinished high strength yellow pine, it’ll be solid enough to hold up when your boy jumps hard on it. The design places positive seat lock, bed lock and two lounge locks to make sure he doesn’t end up the next

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Fill In the Cat Chair

Here’s a cool looking chair for your bedroom.

via funforever

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