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Wrong Chairs?

Wrong Chairs

Talk about chairs gone wrong, the Wrong Chair from Norman Kelly would seem like it. But then again, it may you who would be wrong for not looking closer at them, odd versions of the famous Windsor Chair that was modelled in a different way.

The chair does offer a seemingly off track and illusionary look but nevertheless has not forgotten the functionality that chairs are expected to render.

The chairs, no matter how weird in design they may be, still

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Pixelated Butake Chairs

Pixelated Butake Chairs

Well here are some more unusual and seemingly reliable chairs for the folks looking at rare piece which still offer the usual functionalities (seating-wise).

The Butake Chair was designed by Raul Tellez Herrera, coming in an unusual design which in all still obviously resembles the artsy way of offering seating when needed.

The overall make was made possible with the aid of a hidden metal frame, a cheeky design that seems to be ideal for both ind

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Chaise Lion Chairs

Chaise Lion Chairs

Here is another inviting and lush looking chair design, something from Fendi. The Chaise Lion chair is a mix of leader, fur and stainless steel, all mixed in an appropriate manner to produce a neat looking chair that should be ready for you to occupy when the need arises.

The chair features a piece that is both hot and cold, soft and hard, and natural and man-made. The mix of materials does offer some questions in mind, which makes

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Playful Fruit Shaped Poufs

Playful Fruit Shaped Poufs

Here is another interesting piece you can add to your living space pampering, a pouf that comes in the form of playful poufs certain to aid you in different ways.

Called the Mandarin, this pouf was designed by Vyacheslav Chupakhin and Gennady Martynov of MRTN. It is made up of eight segments which are interconnected by zippers which form the big and soft pouf ball.

Each of the segments can function individually when detached while co

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RAS Chairs

RAS Chairs

Here is another slim and reportedly ecofriendly chair piece which should come in handy. Probably ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the slim chair was really intended for use as a dining chair.

Better known as the Regular, Angulate and Slim (RAS) chair, they are made of wood and steel. They are also available in an array of colors which should make them easy to blend in with other existing home pieces.

The chairs come from Dongsung Jung of South Korea. The RAS Chairs should be simpl

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Continuous Mesh Wire Chairs


The frames and look of these wire chairs obviously point to something you may see used in the outdoors. However a look closer would eventually show you that they designs are far different, continuous is you may.

Designed for Wilde + Spieth, the chairs were created without the need for screws nor soldering. The chairs are sturdy and can be easily stacked if they are not being used, addressing storage problems which could eventually crop out.

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A Colorful T-Shirt Chair

T-Shirt Chair

Well here is another ingeniously created chair, one that puts old rags back to good use.

The T-Shirt Chair is a colorful addition which you can consider having in your home, something from Green Furniture of Sweden. The chair was made using leftover upholstery materials and fabrics, each chair having its own share of colors and texture.

Aside from being functional, the chair should leave a lasting memory for folks who may eventually get i

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Curvy Chairs and Stools of the Martz Collection

Martz Collection

The variety of stool designs continues to come out, this time come snazzy designed pieces from Jean-Pierre Martz. There are three main collections to choose from, namely, Tube, Ellipse and Galaxy. Each collection consists of two to four different models which include high stools to child chairs.

The collections come in striking and playful designs, all made using plywood or metal.

The curved plywood can be veneered, varnished or lacquer

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The Big Rush Chair

The Big Rush Chair

Here is another unusual chair for you, something that features a noticeable weaving technique which all the more makes it a chair to seriously uplift any home.

The Big Rush Chair is something made by Hanna Maring, a wrap-around looking chair using 3D techniques that portrays a unique kind of shape yet offers the expected functionality that people would be needing as far as sitting down is concerned.

The chair should be a hit with the art loving home

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A Decevingly Comfortable Chair from Artek

Armchair 41 Paimio Chair

Artek unveils the Armchair 41 Paimio Chair, an unusually designed piece which most importantly addresses the comfort concerns that most people are looking for when it comes to sensible seating pieces.

The chairs may not look that comfy to sit on at first but are certainly convenient once you get the chance to sit on them. The chairs does come with overlooked features, including one which allows folks to lean back slightly as well as cuts in the back for ventilation.

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