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Plato Circle Bed!

Looking for some ways to make your bedroom more modern?  Perhaps you have too many rectangular-shaped furniture or you want to add to your circular ones.

Whatever the case, my favorite all-time circle bed (that you can actually buy, not just designs) is this Plato Circle Bed.

The best part?

You probably are more or less inclined to put your bed against the wall but with this Plato Cir

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Rotating Bed for $17,150!

At $17,150 and 3 to 4 months wait time, this rotating bed is perfect for anyone seeking the ultimate circle bed. The bed can be rotated via a remote control.

The bed comes with built-in cabinetry with TV stand and orthopedic mattress. The bed is available in different color, sizes and wooden assortments. So folks! Give your bed-room a nice make-over with this gorgeous looking round-shaped remote-control bed!

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