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The Rise Sofa

The Rise Sofa

Modernly shaped and extending the sofa frame a bit eventually results in this interesting sofa called Rise.

Designed by Note Design Studio for Foga, The sofa owes its overall modern shape to its Scandinavian roots, producing a unique kind of sofa which simply rests on a wooden base platform. With a longer wooden base, the result is a side table of sorts where plants, vases or even lamps could be placed, giving you one kind of a piece which should be somethi

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The Bottlebench Social Garden Furniture

Bottlebench Social Garden Furniture

Although the bench was actually made initially as an experiment, his special Bottlebench Social Garden Furniture should be a neat way to spur up some conversations and bring groups better together.

The bench was designed by Maarten Pauwelyn, something made to sit individuals facing each other and closely at that. The design makes it difficult for folks to ignore or not talk to one another thanks mainly to the seating arrangement which should be functional and fun to have around.

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Hed Lyte Lamps

Some homes use the head of animals that they hunt as trophies which you would normally find as wall decors. But the Hed Lyte lamps offer something better, coming with integrated lighting that should really make them visible even in the dark.

The Hed Lyte lamps were designed by Creative Session, giving your home a modern, geometric and sculptural twist as far as the animal heads are concerned. Aside from shedding off light, you can be

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An Unconventional Nook Table

Here are some unconventional tables that may be great to consider for side tables. They actually provide you with a neat way to offer some functionality in bare corners, something that could be ideal to consider for areas that accommodate guest during occasions.

Of course, they are seen to be useful as well in homes, especially if you have the luxury of space. The tables were designed by FRNKWZ, reliable to turn to when you think about s

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Bedzine Forum

Make sure to check out Bedzine Forums on live conversations going between people interested in beds and furniture in general.

Please feel free to start any good conversations. Remember, you will be logged in to both the blog and the forum so you can comment and go the forum!

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