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The Caboche Wall Lamp

The Caboche Wall Lamp

Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto reveal a lush and unique looking wall lamp that is bound to pick up the room mood in a snap. The Caboche Wall Lamp is a glittering addition that comes close to fine jewelry finishes to offer a dramatic and unique glow.

Once turned on, this wall lamp is sure to render a sparkling illumination in a jewel-like manner. The lamp was crafted from polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA, a lightweight shatter-resistant alternative to glass which accounts for its uniq

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The Comfy Wooden Chair

The Comfy Wooden Chair

It may look hard and unable to provide the expected convenience that a soft seat or cushion can give but take a look closer and you may just be surprised. The Rombo Chair from J.C. Karich are made of ash plywood segments, made in diamond-like pattern using flexible polymer in between.

Thus, the chair does seem like traditional ones but the flexibility it provides makes it comfy and a joy to sit in when the need arises. And all that was made thanks to the existence of a polymer, quite sur

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Diamante Wall Mirror

Here is a wall mirror that should add some more flare for your home interiors. The Diamante Wall Mirror is diamond-like shaped mirror that should be cheeky for homes and add some flawless design complement to a home’s overall mood. The Diamante Wall Mirror comes from Regia, a colorless wall mirror that carries a gigantic carat value for sure. The 3D-esque mirror should be something that will stand out i

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The Sidebar Project Stashes your Liquor Perfectly

People who want a handy yet cool storage for their wine bottles may want to check out the Sidebar Project. This is an all-in-one liquor cabinet designed by Teraforma that is capped with some luscious glassware.

The Sidebar Project boasts of a flawless food finish, details and construction where it was entirely designed with the proper care and consideration. This is deemed as a retro-styled handmad

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The Diamond Bathtub

Lori Gardner offers a luscious new bathtub made for the rich and famous with the Diamond Bathtub. It comes with rose pink Swarovski crystals placed by hand which reportedly took countless hours. There are about 44,928 imported crystals in the bathtub.

With the Diamond Bathtub, you can bathe with luxury and royalty. The Diamond Bathtub pays strict attention to detail with quality materials and time honored craftsmanship.

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Fan-tastic Chandel-Air

Here is something new for the people who want to spice up their living room or dining room. While we all know that there are a lot of ceiling fans with integrated lighting, the Fan-tastic Chandel-Air comes with a chandelier instead!

Designed by Meyda lighting, this new chandelier with fan carries a sporty and trendy style that features a 44-inch wide Diamond Turbine. This modern fan chandelier comb

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The Quasi Console Table

If you are among the people who are looking for unique furniture, the Quasi Console is definitely for you. It is made of diamond-shaped pieces fixed together to form a unique pattern. It measures 36x20x6 inches and is actually an exclusive creation.

There is currently only one Quasi Console available for sale from Johnson Trading Gallery, New York, USA so if you want it, you better act fast!


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Conservatory Garden Tufted Sofa

Here is a cool looking sofa you may want to consider for your home needs. This is a diamond-tuffed Cabriolet sofa which comes with a carriage seat and continuous arm and setback rail. It measures 99x48x32 inches and retails starting for about $11,895 (fabric) and $17,085 (leather).

(Source) Ralph Lauren Online

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GardenGate Diamond Platform Twin Bed

The GardenGate Diamond platform twin bed from Vermont Tubbs gives a classic country feel. The charming cottage look comes from the hand-hewn and sanded diamond inserts combined with various color and stain choices. It is made of solid hard wood from White Ash, therefore it is strong and durability.

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Diamond Bed

As the name of this bed is called Diamond, this bed has unusual headboard and legs with beautiful shapes that resembles a diamond. It is designed by Patricia Urquiola from Molteni. The headboard is padded and has removable covers in fabric or leather. The headboard design acquires special worth in natural oak, grey oak, mutenye or wengé like the structure. The grain of the wood runs along t

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