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Larva Modular Seating System

Larva Modular Seating System

Made up of five minimalist elements, here is a neat seat to have in any home from Studio Segers. Called the Larva Modular Seating System, the set includes a foot stool, corner element, sit element without arms and left and right elements with arms.

The seating system can be re-assembled in any which way you want, mix and/or combine them as you like until you get the perfect combination that satisfies your taste.

Each piece comes in a different color, adding more spice towards yo

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The Color Box Bookcases

The Color Box Bookcases

We have seen some items as stools, chairs and tables sold separately to form one big piece and it looks like these modular bookcases from Henriette W. Leth offer the same thing. Each are sold individually with each module carrying a different color.

There are six modules being offered, not requiring any clamp or latch to bind them together. Rather, the modules rely on their individual weights as well as the content that would be stored in them, offering your pad a different kind of color

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Color Changing LED Cube Stools

Cubes can be a good place to sit on especially for modern home setups. In fact, their simple make places them in line with the modern-shaped ones we see today. For these line of cube stools however, adding a some colorful LED lights only makes them better and appealing.

The cube stools are semi-transparent cubes that light up in 16 different colors with four different color-changing modes. Their brightness levels are adjustable

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Qi Dian Chair

Here is another odd-looking chair for you, one that takes a tear drop shape. Also known in Chinese as air ring, the Qi Dian Chair features a fiberglass body and memory foam cushion seat which should be more than enough to address comfort issues about it.

It offers a futuristic look capped by different color combinations, ideal for modern home setups. However, it does come in other color combination settings too thus providing flexibility as far as allowing it to bl

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Cloud b Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light

For the parents who want to get all the help they can get as far as lulling their babies to sleep, here is one for you. The Cloud b Twilight Turtle Constellation Night Light is a cool and cute solution that should keep your child occupied, not to mention helping them sleep better.

The night light features a projection option that turns a room into a virtual planetarium. The Twi

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On/Off Switch Paint

In something advanced and could be a glimpse into the future of home interiors, switching on or off your room light can be done as easy as the familiar clapping sounds we see in the movies. The On/Off paint just needs to be integrated with an electronic switch that you can set up to control your lights and is advanced enough to be used as a dimming controller if you want to.

The On/Off Switch is something you can paint it on you

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Clutter-Free Zip Bed

Florida Furniture offers a minimalist bed in the Clutter-Free Zip Bed. It takes its name from the fact that it can cover up the unwanted clutter thanks mainly to its zipped-up cover. Also, if you are not going to lie down or sleep on it, the bed can easily transform into a modern lounger with clear lines.

The Zip bed is available in three base colors (white, gray, and blue) and also with a choice of different color combinations for the bed sheet and pi

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Platevase and Favourite Things

Here is a two-for-one solution for your home. This is the PlateVase and Favourite Things which combines a plate and a vase and comes with an integrated pendant lamp too.

It was created by Chen Karlsson which can place not only a lovely flower or flowering treebranch, but also allows you to fill it up with chocolates and or other edible stuff. The Favourite Things comes in several different color combinations: charcoa

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