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Recommended Electric-fireplace


Electrolux Fireplace

Here is another fireplace to warm the cockles of your heart this winter. While its more ornamental than functional, that doesn’t mean we covet the Electrolux Fireplace any less! Designed by Camillo Vanacore, there is certain magical feel to the imagery of burning fire in a transparent tube. Check out the video and after that we bet you would want of these too! The tube is made of a special ceramic that becomes transparent when heated.


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Cupola Spherical Fireplace

There is already a nip in the air in certain parts of the world as winters is only weeks away. Hence we thought  that we would put focus on the Cupola, which has the distinction of being the world’s only spherical wall-mounted fireplace. The fireplace comes equipped with an advanced, adjustable bio-ethanol burner for vent-less flames. Cupola is available in a black or white matte finish for $2,735.

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TV Stand with Built-in Fireplace

Normally, it would not be advisable to place your TV set near a fireplace, if you had one. That would normally be a fire hazard. However, if the fireplace is an electric fireplace, then the complexion of the setup changes entirely. That is what perhaps make this TV stand unique since it is normally a big no no if you don’t want to cause home problems.

Available in oak or cherry, this media stand has shelves for all your necessary electronics- from VCR’s to laserdisc players. Something that should combine ambiance, elegance and visual entertainment all molded in one.

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Lian Electric Fireplace with Speakers

Keep yourself cozy and warm with the latest technology like this Lian Electric Fireplace with built-in speakers. The call of most people today is to get all the form of ambiance that can be added to their homes and apparently this is one addition many would love to have.

Designed to warm you up on a gloomy, cold day, this electric fireplace from Lian is a smart combination of a fireplace and speakers. Showcased during the Hong Kong Electric Fair 2009, the electric fireplace delivers the sound of burning firewood, with the help of a built-in speaker in the back side.


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