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The Fling Lamp

The Fling Lamp

This L-shaped lamp may seem somehow familiar, but regardless is something which should give any room the needed lighting with a touch of green.

The Fling Lamp designed by Kristina Kallstrom-Gernes makes use of the expected LED technology for more energy efficient lighting where needed and is something you can easily place on any wall.

The lamp is made from traditional Swedish wooden veneer and promises to give a warm and subtle glow any time and anywhere.

The Fling lamp carries a mi

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IKEA offers a lot of home furnishing solutions and this time they have these jellyfish-like lamps which should brighten up homes in a snap. The company has just released a new line of lamps called the Solkullen LED pendant lamps, which promise to offer wiser and energy-efficient lighting with a twist.

The twist comes in the form of cast shadows on walls around it, making the lamp look as if it was float

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Brighten Up those Textured Walls

For most homes, there are parts inside it like the bathroom and entrance ways that may have a different manner of design. The walls are not as simple and standard like the ones where they are just painted or perhaps covered with wallpaper. Some are fabricated according to the desired of home owners but may be lacking something to make it stand out.

Giving it some semblance of life like lighting can do the trick. They are often disregarded but for textured walls that a

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