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I-Vision Fireplace With LCD

The I-Vision fireplace is yet another modern interpretation of the archaic fireplace. Developed keeping in mind the needs of the modern discerning home user, the I-Vision is actually a fireplace integrated with a flatscreen TV.  When the LCD is not in use, it disappears under a glass panel. Via Uber Gizmo
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Eclypsia Round Fireplaces

Though it may be too late to mention this, there is always next Winter to look forward to. We have been seeing a lot of mobile fireplaces as of late and the Eclypsia round fireplace should be something to marvel at. This was designed by Benjamin Mesnard which can certainly be a stunning piece you can situate in your living room.

Surround it with your comfiest, coziest couches and favorite armchairs, and you’ve got a warm den to escape to all winter. When the weather warms up,

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Roll Fire from Conmoto

Who knew fireplaces could be so captivating? Check out the Roll Fire from Conmoto which can be your own personal mobile fireplace since it can be rolled away anywhere anytime. Measuring just 65 by 22 cm, the Roll Fire may not really warm those chilled bones of your, but will surely grab a lot of attention.

Via Fresh Home

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Electrolux Fireplace

Here is another fireplace to warm the cockles of your heart this winter. While its more ornamental than functional, that doesn’t mean we covet the Electrolux Fireplace any less! Designed by Camillo Vanacore, there is certain magical feel to the imagery of burning fire in a transparent tube. Check out the video and after that we bet you would want of these too! The tube is made of a special ceramic that becomes transparent when heated.


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Cupola Spherical Fireplace

There is already a nip in the air in certain parts of the world as winters is only weeks away. Hence we thought  that we would put focus on the Cupola, which has the distinction of being the world’s only spherical wall-mounted fireplace. The fireplace comes equipped with an advanced, adjustable bio-ethanol burner for vent-less flames. Cupola is available in a black or white matte finish for $2,735.

Via Born Rich

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Zeta Fireplace

Winters are just a few months away, so why not plan ahead. Check out the Zeta Fireplace which is portable and even environmental friendly. Measuring 18mm (32.2″), 1060mm (41.73″) and a 911mm (35.87″), the fireplace can be carried off to all your winter sojourns.

Via Fresh Home

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Planika Fire Box Fireplace

The presence of a fireplace will always do wonders but the question of location is up in the air. Normally, it is stagnant somewhere in the living or

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