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Recommended Five-pieces


The Swarm Lamp

Swarm Lamp

Well here is an unusual lamp for you. The swarm lamp comes in a somewhat bug-like form made of glass and wood.

Created by the Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau, the Swarm Lamp is a Scandinavian looking lighting piece which should be neat to place in a hanging or suspended manner.

The lamp is flexible and can be positioned in different angles. The wooden portion may make the lamp look unbalanced, but depending on the position and where it w

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Welcome to the Jungle Transformable Benches

Here are some new benches to consider having for your home. Title Welcome to the Jungle, these are new designer benches from Rui Alves. They are composed of five pieces and boast of a flat surface supported by four posts.

Each bench has been named according to its animal: James (elephant), John (hippopotamus), Jeremy (lion), Jerry (giraffe) and Joe (crocodile). The best part is that the benches can be used and converted into a variety of other furniture piece like tables, stools, or

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Mayan Temple Desk

For $5,000, you can own this luxury looking Mayan Temple Desk in your home. The pre-Columbian Maya civilization is known for its art and architecture. And if you wish to own a piece that reflects the rich culture and high-end craftsmanship from the classic period, then this Mayan Temple Desk from Tom Spina Designs will leave you transfixed by its high-end craftsmanship.

This uniquely themed desk is perfect for your home and office. Each desk features hand sculpted and carved foam coated with fiberglass for a hard and durable surface. Each sculpture is then carefully textured

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