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Chaise Lion Chairs

Chaise Lion Chairs

Here is another inviting and lush looking chair design, something from Fendi. The Chaise Lion chair is a mix of leader, fur and stainless steel, all mixed in an appropriate manner to produce a neat looking chair that should be ready for you to occupy when the need arises.

The chair features a piece that is both hot and cold, soft and hard, and natural and man-made. The mix of materials does offer some questions in mind, which makes

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Bambi Chairs

Bambi Chairs

Here are some cute fawn-inspired chairs for your kids. The Bambi Chair comes from Takeshi Sawada of Japan, adorable pieces which offer an animalistic-looking finish.

The magnificent craftsmanship is molded somewhat into a baby deer, apparently the reason why the seats were made a bit low. The seats come complete with a flecked fur seat, faux hooves and an antler back-rest while majority of the chair is made fr

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Glamorous Leopard Faux Fur Throws

Infuse a hint of Hollywood Glamour in your decor without breaking the bank. If you have a penchant for Baroque or Hollywood Regency decor, then you will appreciate the Glamorous Leopard Faux Fur Throws that are available on Instyle Decor. Each throw sells for $395.00 and boasts of not only impeccable tailoring but al

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Fleecy Lamblamp Lighting

Looking for more ambience and style? Well check out this fleecy-looking lighting solution from designer Mikloss Kiss. The fur used is actually a thick and shaggy material that helps provide a more comfortable glow in your room and delivering the mood you may have always wanted.

The effect of the covered lighting renders a quiet comfort fitting for the central room of a cottage or cabin tucked deep within the woods. T

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The “Floating” FlapFlap Lamp

For the people who love odd stuff, here is a lamp that seems to be floating in a sense. Designed by Buto Fur, the FlapFlap lamp is actually supported by cables which allow them to rise up from the ground to support the lampshade.

A stunning lighting piece to have, you are sure to be left wondering how it was all made possible. Gravity-defying furnishings are sure to capture the fancy of people, not to mention the guest you may have ente

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The Daydreamer Ball Pillow Sofa

The Daydreamer furniture offers this ball pillow sofa made of artificial fur, low-density foam, high-density foam, and canvas. There is a gap in between every three balls where another ball can be squeezed in to stay put.

Each of the 9 perimeter balls can be squished, put through the gap and let go to expand and stay.


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“Hit it” Foam Furniture

Pillow fights are so passé and now one can have furniture fights like in the movies without getting injured. “Hit it” is a furniture series that has been made entirely from foam making it unique and extremely safe. The furniture has been design by Johannes Hemann, Leslie Hildebrandt & Kai Linke.

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DIY: Fluffy Foot Pouffe

Make your own Fluffy Foot Pouffe by following the simple instructions laid out here.

Materials needed:

Fur Fabric Scissors Sewing Machine Cotton fabric


The measurements for the following pouffe are as follows 20 inches (50cm)in diameter for the top sides are 12 inches (30cm)wide by 60 inches(150cm) around Using the pattern place on material and cut out the circle. The surround piece will need a join to meet required length.

Cut both rectangles out an

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Pleats Pleats Sofa

Pleats Pleats is a sofa made from clothed polyurethane foam, that wraps around a white powder coated steel pipe frame in a macramé style. Designed by Daniel Hedner of Imaginary Office, the sofa was also showcased at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Via Dezeen

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DIY: AOL Throne

The AOL Throne may be completely useless but you got to admit it looks like a fun project. This behemoth of a furniture piece contains 4000 CDs, weighs at least 150 pounds, barely fits through doors, and plugs into an electrical outlet. If you have loads of spare time and would lie to attempt this at home then go here!

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